oh, this is sooOOo anticipating!

By Thursday, July 14, 2011 ,

lets ramble about the making of Urbanscapes 2011 - this is a day before it actual happen! 

yup, its true that picture could do all the talking when the human can only dropped their jaw. feeling excited about a matter is so fascinating and full of curiosity. what will actually happen there? how maximum fun it will be? can i meet someone there? haha..and the most is what should i wear??

huhu..been wondering about it as i wanna look as good as others. in the same time the minimalism is the concerned. since the weather for sure gonna be as hot as my Mr. Alexandar Skarsgard, so keep it as simple as you can will be the best for yourself. hemmm...this is a great article on 'how to survive Urbanscapes 2011' by the TongueInChic, go and check out their helpful tips to stay fresh for the whole 12 hrs fun! fun! fun! CLICK HERE

neway, i'm sure you guys still wondering on what actually is this thing. haiyoooo...although now it is too late to decide but you still have the chance till 12 pm tomorrow. so, then READ THIS to get to know more about this enthralling event~

last word --> I AM FULLY EXCITED to rejoice myself and my babe tomorrow, lets meet us there~ ^^


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