Oh, macam ini kah! (cross hijab wrapping)

to be truth, this is another Hijab style that makes me curious on how to do it. heh heh heh..now the curiosity can be clear up by watching this TUTORIAL vid by a blogshop called as Calaqisya. THANKS a lot girl ^^

i guess this hijab wrapping is probably inspired by a turban style since the look of the zig-zag at the front view is the same. so, for those who wanna wear that turban style but a little bit afraid of being so-extravaganza among the crowd, i recommend you girls to give this a try!

haha..recently i've been posted V-D-O and more V-D-O, right? it looks like im tooo lazy to write and just 'tepek' jer the video's code here. heemmm...i'm so sorry guys, it just that nowaday, i don't have lot of story to be share since i just stay at home, waking-up late, cooking, eating, watching TV till late night, sleep and REPEATING the whole routine again and again~ sounds boring kan  =P

anyhow, i'm so excited to try on this new style and GOOD LUCK for those who feeling as excited as i am and lastly, THANKS FOR LOVING MY BLOG because I LOVE my readers so much!


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  1. mmg cantik kan..muda2 ok la nak pakai cemana pun..if i were to wear like that..5 secs je tahan sebab my boy akan tarik sampai cabut..hehe

  2. ok thanks for this memang tengah mencari this vid. hehe. interesting but not sure if i'll style my shawl like this. tak suka fussy2 kalau boleh taknak pakai pins langsung! :P

  3. kak ogosh..haha maknenyer ble la pkai time kuar date ngan hubby, time tu boy xde nk tarik! hehehhe..

  4. nn-->LOR SAME LA KITER!! sy pon xsuke pkai pin gak..hahha kwn sy kate pin kna basuh ke y ko mls nk pkai tuh.hahaha =D

  5. same sikit..tp lain sikit..err..camne tu..hihihi~


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