Sunday at Tiffany's by James Patterson i'm able to talk about the latest book that i've read which is this LOVE STORY by James Patterson. frankly, this bestselling author is known for his thriller writing but this time it is about ONLY LOVE. haha..honestly, you know i won't read an ENGLISH NOVEL if it is not about that 'L' word!

so, let me tell a bit about it. it started with a story of a 7 years old child named Jane who being ignore by her wealthy-producer-mother, Vivienne and newly-weds-dad. the only friend in her life is the handsome-30 something Michael who is being invisible to everybody except her. means that, Michael is Jane's imaginary friend! (yup, suddenly its sounds a bit same with the previous book that i've read 'If You Could See Me Now' haha...told the same fairy tale of a child!) Check it HERE

thus, the LOVE STORY begun with the grown-up 23 years old Jane who involved with a creep-bf named Hugh and a mother who always controlling her every decisions. one day, she kind of seeing her childhood-imaginary friend who she supposedly forget him when Michael left her at her 9th birthday. however, SHE JUST COULDN'T forget him! at first only Michael who can see her and secretly stalking her until one day when Jane herself go and surprisingly greet him and then, the LOVE STARTING TO BLOOM beautifully and romantically!!! HAHA..this is my FAVOURITE part~  =))

i don't think i need to describe the romance part as you have to read it by yourself ("^______^) and continue feel it till the end of the story. the concern is why does Michael turns visible and humanly when he meet Jane? can an imaginary friend be your TRUE LOVE? why they were able to meet and recognize each other again because traditionally the imaginary friend will be forgotten after the 9th birthday of a child? and why? and more why?

ok, now you guys will ask me WHY DID I PUT MY OWN FACE in this 'book' post?? just that i feel this post will looking dull without it! HAHA =D

lastly, i just wanna say that this LOVE STORY NOVEL is sooooooooooooo ROMANCE-TIC! hehe..especially when Michael started to fall in love with Jane and THEIR FIRST KISS scene~ haiyooooooooo...jiwang gilerrr! so, for those who love this stupid-cupid things, go and find this book. trust me! heh heh heh ^^

*end with the romance mode of fantasying the handsome-30 something Michael*

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  1. ehh tak tau pun james patterson tulis buku macam ni.

    i don't dig romance novels as i don't find it very believable. i prefer storyline that resembles common issues with a touch of sarcasm. hehe

  2. hahah..tulah bg y mmg suka mmbaca ni..tau sgtlah james patterson ni tulis killer2 story je kn.. =D haha i pon accidently je nmpak ni love story trus r bce! yup, its really a 100% FICTION story tp ntah lah tu jugerrr y i skue..TEROK KN!! haiyoo.. ("^____________^)

  3. Suka tengok gambar2 tu.... Classy!

  4. hahahhaa..THANKS AZHAM..atleast there is someone who don't annoy by pix2 y nak tayang muka jugak tuh! haha =D


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