What-When-Wear?: Urbanscapes 2011 (part 3)

hi there! we're back again with this bunch of stylista pix. yup, this gonna be the last part of this Hijabi Streetstyle at the recent Urbanscapes 2011 post. guess what, this time it fell under the EXTRA category! hahahhaha..suka hati aku je bagi category kan~ =D

seriously, it is fun to classify all the looks since it end up telling me that people were dressed up equally. means that, its not everybody are comfortable to shine with bright hue under the hot sun! so, they just stick to the basic wear while some of the others are going for an extra look.

EXTRA here means different and stand out in their own way (or weird) hehe..just check it here ^^

CAN I PICK A WINNER?! if only i have the prize, it will be THIS DENIM COUPLE! ("^___^) omg, they were so cute and beautiful together. honestly, to be mention officially that I HATE and hate COUPLE WEARS such as the same color tee with the stupid-words on it!

UUrgggghhhhhhhhhhhh....that is the BEST example ever! oh, c'mon its not that i envy those couple since i'm all single here but please, don't you dare asking me to wear it my future-bf! ("~___~)

so, back to the DENIM COUPLE here. omo, they makes me realized that COUPLE WEARS is not so bad LOL~ as long as it goes with the choice and the look, nah it can be as sophisticated as them! DENIM combined with the brown belt/scarf is already brilliant. now this girl is wearing a nice jumpsuit that makes her more stand out, girl you deserve 1000+ HYPE in the LookBook dear~ =)

haha..i was extremely stunned by the couple huh?! now, lets talk about the other look. i wanna emphasize on the rolled up skinny jeans style that was showed in the 2nd and 6th look. oh, dear i LOVE this fancy style here but i don't own skinny yet. HAHA..how poor am i. guys, how can i wear a skinny when i'm not skinny at all!! H.U.H tell me? mal haebwa? =D

then, THANKS FOR READING and adios!

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  1. Assalamualaikum,

    just drop by to heey! that's me and my boyfriend! hehee..

    Thank you for your compliments. really appreciate it.

    btw, i pun baru ade blog. i blog about fashion,makeup tutorial, and cerita sikit about myself.


    if you dont mind. do drop by my blog and let me know what u think :)


  2. sofwanah-->hehe..its no a prob ur welcome dear..but seriously love looking at both of u dear =) thanks 4 dropping by ok i'll check urs soon k!

  3. oh, thank you dear.. have a nice day. :)

  4. hey.thanks for your review..and nice to meet u :)

  5. iyayaya-->u r most welcome dear..thanks for dropping by.. ^^


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