LOOK #27 - The RED Pants is on Fire!

By Monday, July 04, 2011 ,

red gradient pashmina from Times Square
oversized top gift from my beloved K.Yana! ^^
my old jeans jacket from VOIR
red skinny jeans from a Bundle Shop
crocs flats that i wore to my workplace~

yeahh....this is the new item that i talked about on the last fashion post which is that striking red jeans. you have to know that i bought it from a bundle shop near to my house! yup, you've heard it, it is from a BUNDLE shop that i went for the first time as one of this famous fashion blogger claimed that she find her maxi skirts at this kind of shop. So, why don't i go and look for myself~

HAHA..sadly i don't find any skirts there but eventually, this striking jeans had attracted me since the color is brightening, fierce ("^^) and actually, it is easy for you to look fabulous in it~

now, that jacket is from my old wardrobe which my dad bought it when i was in form 2. i feel soooo OLD~ so i just layered it on top there and trying to do a bit colour blocking effect, HAHAHA...but i failed as it just look soooo GOOD together! =D

nevertheless, i LOVE my whole look here as usual it is COMFY enough although with NO-high-heels there and it is still stylish in its on way. thus, what you think about it, then tell me LOL~

guys, THANKS A LOT for reading as well as FOLLOWING my blog here. i want you to know that how much i LOVE my readers by catching this--------------------------> Muuuuuaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!  ^^

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  1. merah itu seksi!
    auwwww so cute okeh adik ;)


    i too am trying to find maxi skirts,if you discover a good shop,please do tell :)

  3. kiciknye kaki...i jelez....

  4. akk pinky ku-->haha..yup red is too hot to handle!! tq kak~ ^^

  5. akk pinky ku-->haha..yup red is too hot to handle!! tq kak~ ^^

  6. hana-->tq so much dear~ haha..yup its quite hard to find d affordable maxi skirt rite, usually theirs r from ZARA! omo...if u find the cheaper one too then tell me ok ("^^)

  7. oh akk liana ching!!! thanks babe 4 dropping by here..BANYAK R KO PUNYER KECIK!!! besar cam gajah tuh kaki tuh! haiyooo...die xmo kurus r tang kaki camner?!?! =D

  8. too HOT for my eyes....ouch...
    again hotfully and amazingly posed by u..

  9. hehe..thanks kak...haha cpt g mek sun glasses kang xpasal2 jd kasim selamat kang! =D

  10. suke tengok org pakai sluar kaler merah but till now xde kberanian nak pakai.. du no y.. maybe xcukup conficent kowt.. hehe..


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