simplest way to edit ur pix!

first thing first, sayang semua you need PICASA software coz i just used this simplest s/ware here. ^^ so, when you open it, it will feature out all of your pix in the Local Disk k. it cannot detect the other disk harr~ remember this is not the power photoshop!

as for mine here, it is happened to be in my lappy. so, i don't know where the heck its coming from. haha but i think its not a prob at all as you can download it from anywhere, try google it by yourself lol~ =D first i don't have any idea that this picture viewing software can do such lots of interesting editing but after i tergodek-godekkan die then, i found out this free software is able to replace my beloved Photoshop CS4 for about 10%. OK lah tuh~ =)

so here we go, after you select the BEST looking pix of yourself, go to the PICTURE and click view and edit. then, it will come out like this. *sorry for the REAL-gediks picture here..hahhahaha*

as you can see, there are basic fixes and turning button. yup, go for it and adjust the lightness, brightness and so on by depends on your own sight. kira ikut sesedap rasa lah~ but the trick is play with the light and shadows more compare with other stuff there, k.

now, pick the last button which is the effect that gave IMPACT to the overall look. as for this gediks pix, i play with the FOCAL B&W and GLOW. eventually, it end up like this lol~ ^^

lalalallaaa...please give me a chance to pose like a SuperModel here. this is my blog right, for sure i wanna tayang my own faces lah, takkan nak letak muka you all plak jadi example. hahahhaa..redha je lar k =))

therefore, GOOD LUCK for those who always eager to edit your pix but don't know how to do it with the powerful photoshop, then here is the answer for you! hopefully, it help peeps~

lastly, THANKS for reading and LOVING my blog dearest reader!


***btw, I MISSED the MTV World Stage tonight. 
Waargghhhhh.....BEAST! I want BEAST! I want BEAST! 
I want BEAST! I want BEAST!***

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  1. salam..

    sangat hebat...saya tak ada kemahiran ni..

  2. I never tried picasa yet~ hmmm should I try it?

    Btw, someone told me that BEAST's performance was just so-so. Heh, I wouldn't know~ I wasn't there either.. :p

  3. rindu--> =) alahhh xd ape la..simple je nih, sje nk share~

  4. nana-->should try it when u r tooooooo LAZY to open the photoshop! haha otherwise psd is much much BETTER lah~ =)) BEAST , was it too so-so?? haiyoo..keciwenyer xp2 will check it in youtube soon..thanks 4 d news yarr..huhu (skg pon tgh dgr lgu beast nih~) ><


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