the LAST day as an intern!

introducing the Gadis Melayu terakhir...Ana, Shana and Suzai  ("^^)

yeahhh...this is the late post of my LAST DAY as the intern at the MPOB! one word can be describe which is RELIEF~ since the bad time i've gone through, it suddenly changed the whole happy moment as the trainee there. yup, i should say i was happy mingling with all the kind people there including my 2 babes, Ana and Shana but it turned out to be i-can't-wait-to-leave-this-place since the presentation day! HUH, anyway nice knowing you girls, remember JKL forever! (^,~)


these are some of the nicest people i met there. the most crucial one is in the last photo who is my supervisor a.k.a kak zaza. she is absolutely helpful and fun to be with. yup, she guides me a lot during the completion of my project as i came with zero! Thanks a lot kak and wish we could meet again in the future! nice knowing you as well and oppss....THANKS for the scrumptious Big Apple!  ^^

i LOVE these 3 people here. again, i'm so glad to have the chance meeting you girls, thanks for everything, sorry for anything and i pray for our friendship to be last forever..amin...

as usual FRIEND is FOREVER..insyAllah.. (^_______^)

*** wait for my URBANSCAPES 2011 update..haiyoo..i just not in the mood right now~ ><

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  1. Ur SV look so familiar...mcm pernah tengok . Hmmm..

  2. mr zamri-->a'ah for sure she's so familiar to u coz she was graduated from UTP lol~ in a chemical engineering tooooo!! aiyooo...jgn kate classmate u ke..hehehehe her name is Faizah Jalani! =)) omo omo..


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