Jason Mraz Good Vibes Tour 2019 Kuala Lumpur Ticket

Hey concert goer!

Another big concert is coming to Malaysia! Multiple GRAMMY Award winner JASON MRAZ will be bringing his Good Vibes Tour to Malaysia, on 13 May (Monday), 8.30pm at Axiata Areana. Jason Mraz first performed in Malaysia in 2009, followed by Tour Is A Four Letter Word in 2012.

Are you ready for Jason Mraz?

Date : 13 May (Monday)
Time : 8:30pm
Venue : Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

Ticket prices : RM198, RM298, RM398, RM498, RM598 and RM698 (VIP)

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  1. I love his song and wish to be there too. Hope we able to attend his concert together. Good luck to both of us.

  2. Wow,Jason mraz! I want to join but unfortunately on the date of the concert something came up. Nice sharing :)

  3. Peminat Jason Mraz mesti tak sabar nak tengok konsert ni. Paling best ada contest untuk menang tiket free .For his fans, cepat cepatlah join contest. By the way lagu killer Jason ni apa ya ? Hehehe ...

  4. Ni crush zaman zaman dahulu kala ni hahahha. Lagi suka bila die duet dengan colbie caillat. Sweet je matching suara dieorang berdua

  5. ala nape tak buat kat penang kihkihkih..minat gak lagu2 jason mraz ni..wow boleh dpt tiket free tp kena join contest..best2

  6. Waah. Ada contest best lah. Kena join ni, mana tahu ada rezeki dapat tengok konsert live.

  7. Wah konsert jason mraz la.. Dgr citer dah sold out.. Mesti ramai peminat JM kan yg tak ketinggalan melepaskan peluang utk dtg menonton sendiri..

  8. My favorite song of him is Lucky!! Can repeat it all day and not get bored of it. Fans of Jason Mraz should not miss this chance

  9. im yoursssss...wahhh bestnya kalau dapat join konsert jasan mraz nih yerrr...tapi takper kita bagi yang muda mudi pulak pergi yang 40 macam saya duduk diam2 kat rumah sudahhh walaupun kaki tu gatal jer nak joinn

  10. Ada tbaca jugak dekat FB tentang JM nak mai Malaysia. Kih3. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hai suzaii..hai..hai..bila nak lepak ni..meh belanja kita ni bawa ke sini..ahhahaa..walaupun kita tak kenal dia..hahaaa..nanti kita dengr dekat youtube suara dia erk...

  12. Jason Mraz! Suka lagu-lagu dia! Tapi konsert dia bulan puasa. Ottoke. Tak boleh nak join. Pastu kat KL pulak tu. huhuh. bertabah la. marilah bukak jason mraz dekat youtube je.

  13. Wow..Jason Myraz laa.. Lama xdengar dia menyanyi kan.. Tiket pon ada diskaun.. Syok tuu.. Untung sape dpt pi tgk kat konsert dia

  14. Ala time puasa. Tapi mesti peminat hardcore jason x sabar nak tunggu kemunculan dia di malaysia. Suzai og x konser jason mraz nj??

  15. Aduhaiiii sis memang minat gan dia, anak sis lagi lah minat, setiap kali kalau karok sure nyanyi lagu2 dia ni. Sapelah nak belanja sis tengok konsert dia ni, teringin nak tengok. Nak beli tiket sendiri tak mampu..huhuhu

  16. Haaa..kak min minat lagu2 jason mraz dari lagu pertama lagi. So since dia nak datang sini leh la serbu konsert dia

  17. Mesti ticket sat ja sold out ni. .. I love his songs.. Harmony ja dengar


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