the Real-touching MV 5Dolls ft JayPark

ok, i'm back with K-POP here before i proceed with all the fashion stuff again! erk~ let me introduce you, these 5 ladies here are the members of a new group from Korean called as 5Dolls! worry by hearing their name at first time, i was like wth? 5Dolls?? haha..but then, when i watched their performance "Like This Or Like That", i was like omo...this group gonna be one of my FAV K-pop female group besides 4Minute and 2NE1. they are great singer and DANCER, LOVE it!

oh, sorry i was astray far away from the tittle! ("^____^) now, this MV is actually their debut single which i don't give a damn months ago.

as i scroll the 5Dolls's MV today i bumped into this old MV. so, I wanna RECOMMEND you guys to WATCH THIS SEQUEL MV since its like a short movie from two different views. NO, ANDWE you cannot skip the 1st part as you will not getting the sad feel at the end of the 2nd part. heh heh heh...get into the right mood is a must!

PART 1 - Lip Stains by 5Dolls ft Jay Park

PART 2 - Your Words/Its You by 5Dolls ft Jay Park

omo omo..its SAD right?! probably all viewers will think that the hopper girl named as Chanmi is a bad girl. it then you will know her reason. (T____T) oh, the most important is AArghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....i've fallen for JAEBUMMIE!!!! he is toooooooo CUTE in here! (>.<)

mian...Ateen and Wanie-chan, you guys got a new competitor here..HAHHAHA =D still far to challenge Ateen lah kan~ haiyooooooooooooooooo...sangat jeles sekarang!! 

end with K-POP is always my addiction~ ^^

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