it really CLEAN?!

honestly, i'm wondering on what should i post for today since i still in the disaster mode of yesterday~ yup, it is not something that you can easily forget and live a HAPPY-HAPPY normal life. huh, no worry i'll not let it haunt myself for a long time. dears, THANKS for all the courage and motivations! yup, i'm back smiling and laughing today~ =)

now, continue with the blank mind of mine. this idea is coming from the YouTube vid that was posted in the FB. actually i don't give a dem about this political issue as I DON'T INTERESTED in it at all! hemmm...but for sure i wanna live in a peaceful country lah~ huhu..

lalallala...i don't want to add anything else because i wanna make my blog here as CLEAN as i can. so, NO POLITICAL issue here ok!! thus, just watch this VID and judge it by yourself~ =)

when i watched this, i was like is here in our beloved MALAYSIA?! (T____T) can i say this brings tears in my eyes~ huhu..sorry i knew i'm being toooo emotional....

we always say that we are ONE Malaysia! so, guys we should appreciate the peaceful & harmony life that we've achieved here, DON'T LOOSE IT!

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  1. it is not about these, if people know about who is ambiga. they will not follow. please my dear. when people do not follow the right one. Pakatan Rakyat or UMNO, neither of them did their fault. But religion is first now. Please...

  2. Four our goods, maybe we can see this..insya Allah..

  3. oh thanks silentletter for dropping by here! hehe..i dun know what u r talking bout, means what is ambiga...xpenah dgr pon~ =P so, for sure you'll not know what exactly i think bout this gathering rite..hehe i'll still keep it as a secret LOL~

    neway, tq for d link..ok i'm sure will watch it~ =)

  4. mcm kenal girl yg dkt 1st pic tu...ex pasum kut dulu.


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