meeting the true-fashionista, Ami Schaheera

hua is obviously toooooo different level of a fashion sense here...Aiyoooo~ ("~.~)

To be specific, this is like our 3rd meeting which is the very 1st time was at the Chic Pop streetmarket when i bought her pre-loved killer heels! thanks kak, it is still there nicely 'seat' in my wardrobe. ^^ so, let me ramble a bit about this admirable lady since i met her again on the last weekend at the Urbanscapes 2011.

Ok, i guess i don't need to really-introduce this true fashionista here as she and her blog were featured in lots of local and even outsider mags and websites! yep, she is Ami Schaheera who blogs at the  hehehe..till now i still wonder on how to pronounce the SPTNKSWTHRT~ hehe...kak, i really curious on what actually is the meaning behind it~ (^.^)

prominently, she blogs about fashion and her daily normal life. guys, you really can't expect her new coming look as she always came out with the latest and trendy one. she doesn't afraid of being different and that is the thing that makes me adore her a lot because i don't have that courage lol~

for those who still don't have the idea on the existence of this one of the famous Malaysian fashion blogger, go and check it by yourself CLICK HERE. Be ready to be amaze by her so-stylo look as well as take a sneak peak on lots of the fashion events that she was invited here in K.L! 

thus, lets together be inspired~ ^^

***more and more Urbanscapes 2011 story-morry are coming soon....

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  1. thanks for the write-up suzai :))
    nice meeting you at urbanscapes!

  2. ohhh..akk thanks a lot for dropping by here..yup, it so nice to again meeting u..hahah hopefully we gonna meet again n again in d future k =))

  3. it looks like "special thanks with heart" to me, i guess. *scratching head*

  4. hahaha y u commented on other post LOL..yup w all of my heart. im not trying to joke w it..seriously =)


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