TEASER:Kiss The Girls

Warning : this poyo image is not demonstrating violence and yep, that is the real knife 'utk potong bawang-ayam-daging' that i stole from my mom's kitchen! ^^ haha

hey guys, as the tittle above this is like a TEASER of the latest book that i've successfully completed in 2 and a 1/2 days. HAHHAHA...why it takes times? its all because the fact that I HATE READING so much and why did i recently post about those english novels that i've read? did i just wanna bragged about it like "hey, guys i only read english novel here coz i'm an educated people!" huh, that is totally rubbish! 

the truth is, i aim to read as many book as i can during this 1 month holiday since i'm not doing anything besides seating at home 24/7. so, i wanna do something beneficial to myself like improving my english as well as enhancing my poor vocab by READING ENGLISH materials. yup, guys the ONLY best way to realize it is by reading which is not my interest at all~ =P

the motivation that i have for completing those novels is saying to myself that i have to make a review assignment about it and post it on the blog, so that the 'book' category here can increase up its contents! thus, i hope you will enjoy reading my reviews because this is the ONLY WAY to force myself to lend the eyes on each sentences patiently. hehehe...honestly i rather choose playing with my lappy instead of boring reading activity~

lastly, wait for my review about this 100% cruel crime investigation of a criminal named 'CASANOVA' 

heh heh heh....*evil laugh* 

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