[vid] The GF Proposal?!

know what? long time ago i came across a tumblr that featuring photos of teenagers in puppy love as the name stated on the url, crazy-teenagers-in-love. hmmm...i'm not really recommending you guys to visit it especially the one who is still underage. haha..nevertheless, what i LOVE about the tumblr is some (which i mean is really some!) of the photos are romantic, cute and sweet! as simple as the photo above. ;)

another important gist is personally, i don't think you need to publish the photo of your passionately kissing your loved ones. i understood that you are aiming to show how much you care for her/him or how deeply your love towards her/him. hmmm....for me, sometimes it looks kinda cheesy and most of the time, its tacky though~ X(

well, this thing started when i stumbled upon bunch of lovey-dovey personal vid on the YouTube. the gf proposal, the "can you go to the prom with me??", the 1st anniversary, the 1st kiss, the "3 months we're together" (wth!) and etc etc! seriously, some of them is really cheesy. hmmm...i'm not talking about the drooling cheeses on the pizza lor~ haha

however, this vid get my lucky LIKE as it is simple but cute. hey, you are still so young lor, then please do something that is in your range and not going beyond it. coz it will be cuter and sweeter. huhu...now without further a due, lets just PLAY the vid.. :)

hehe..aren't they cute? i love the effort of the printing shirt, the 'fill in the blank' surprise at the back and the extremely cute smile of the boy! hahahha...no no, i meant he is looking adorably shy but still bravely approach the girl. hmmm...i love it when the man is blushing~  X)

hahahha..if you watch it on the Youtube, you will LMAO at the comments. hahhaa..they were kept flattering on the high quality of this vid and busily asking what cam that he is using. hahahhaha...instead of talking about how romantic this proposal is and blah-blah-blah. haha..yup, i do love to read the YT comments below the vid that i watched because they all can be just so funny lor~ XD

OH OK, honestly i'm not hoping any girlfriend proposal since the marriage proposal is much more important. haha...so, why don't we change the phrase "Can you be my gf?" with "Can you be my forever Eve?" erkk?! sounds so rare when i'm translating it into an english phrase, huh?! haha..whatever the words is, it will always be beautiful if the man is sincerely honest to make the lady as his wife. ^^

i don't know why does i'm in the cupid mode tonight. LOL  XD

*** photo and vid are credited to the owner ***


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