Manu-riang at Genting Highlands [Part 2]

i was so busy reporting my day to my mom but this photo is incredibly nice~ XP
the stunning scenery was taken when i was riding the ferris was really windy n cold up there!
Super Junior-OR! this is the memorable place when our 1st meeting with the oppa.. hehe ^^
a very nice night at the cold highlands. love the coldness!
confirm-confirm lar..i ADORE this stunning photo a lot! hehe
when the boys meet the girls..
some of the Manu-rians who cheer up my uni life! thanks friends.. ^^

continuing the previous post of my 2D1N vacation at the Genting Highlands, Malaysia, here are some of the dazzling photos that i'd like to share with you. anyway, you are most welcome to view the Manu-riang at Genting Highlands [Part 1] to get the INTRO of this sweet vacation story. besides, there are more photos, more dramas and more memories!

why am i separating this short vacation into several phases?! hehe..its due to the high quality photos of us that surely will lowering the loading of my blog page here. well, actually lots of you are complaining that my page is a bit slow to open. so, i do hope that by having this separation plus i've made 4 posts distance between them will help to solve this loading problem. (><)

no, i don't like to smaller the pixel of the photo as i don't wanna ruin the HQ standard of it. haha..guys, you should know that i'm appreciating the DSLR ability that couldn't be compare with the compact one. hey, i'm not discriminating them, i'm just a normal photography lover! ^^

thus, this post need to be continue as i have tone of photos in my folder that still waiting to be publish in here. hehe..thanks for viewing and bye-bye for now. Daaaa... ^^

*** photo are credited to SizzlingSuzai ***


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  1. bestnya g genting..dh lama xpg..huhu

  2. hehe..g genting mmg slalu best nvr failed! pg la awk..weekend2 ni. hehe

  3. sayu plak bace ayat kt pic last...thanks to u too dear...

  4. wow.. best nye best nye... nk pegi lg :)

  5. yana cyg-->no prob dear..yup its really really nice to know u guys!

  6. fathiyah-->hehehe..g genting mmg selalunyer best! and slalu juge la pegi x buhsan2 lg...haha


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