Whom i met at The 8tv 8th Anniversary?!

LOL the 8tv logo is flying in the sky! haha..its actually the bubble of a soap. hehe...takder keje tapi cute~

Morning peeps. haha..it is actually 3:50 p.m already ma.. huhu...honestly, i'm thinking of starting on doing my FYP report by today but look what i've done?! i'm updating my beloved blog again and again. huh!!

now, let me define the event. i was stumbled upon it as i went to the OU on the last weekend and i don't have any idea about it. Thanked God that i always dragging my camera with me whenever i'm out off somewhere. =)

it is just a small carnival where actually the big time was that night. the concert featuring Joe Flizzow and some other indie bands in Malaysia. so, what have i done was playing some games. haha..i DON'T WON any of them but i brought home some goodies bag! haha..plus the sabun basuh baju which i desperately need it to clean all my stuff. haha

plus being entertained by some of the LIVE performances by the BMX x-tream team and the Giler Battle Crew from the Showdown 2010. huhu...electrifying?! i wish there were more from them! now, lets answer the question on who that i met during the event?!

p/s: that greenish lady is freaking beautiful! she is sooooo cute like the anime character kan..?! *envy*

yeaahhhhhhhh...the 'Journey To The West' characters! hahaha..don't you watch the show back at the year 1990s?! haiyoo...the chinese series ma...some kind of the tale about their belief but seriously, it is one of my FAVOURITE show and i still remember the legendary naughty Monkey, Dewi Guanyin (sorry if it is the wrong spelling~) and the pig! haha..the series is freaking addictive. ^^

guess what?! i met my blogger buddy, Mr. Azham from the LoveHate by Azham Vosovic! huhu..we have planned a meeting for several times and it always failed due to lot of obstacles. then, suddenly when i walked alone into the event, i saw this green guy with the Bruno's fedora and i was like, omg Azham!! haha..so happy lahhh to atlast we meet after the long 'Skyline' kan.. =)

yup, he is Mr. Hafiz from the FlyFm! we met for the second time and he is as humble and friendly as he was. dahh larr tall, tough, cute, relax jer plak. ohh..Hafiz please leave your number in the comment box below ok?! hahaha..DJ Hafiz memang best! (^.~)

then, should be the celebs from the 8tv Quickie, the beautiful chinese hosts, Baki and Naqib! ohh..you should know that i adore the cute Naqib since he debut about 3 years ago and ohhh my..i hope i can fluently speak in English like them, so that i can host the 8tv program as well. yup, one of my interest is stand in front of the camera, roll, action and non-stop speaking! haha..i always hoping to be a presenter but maybe after i'm tired of being a busy engineer LOL. haha..

arghhh..muka miang!! hahaha.. XD

nevertheless, this is the man who i'm soooooooooooo excited meeting on that day. he is none other than, the C.E.O of the 8tv, Mr. Ahmad Izham Omar! huhu..he was just walking around with one of the staff without any 'comrade' a.k.a body guards besides him and assuredly, people will not recognize that this man is actually the CEO of this huge tv brand. super duper humble! look, he is even wore only the crocs lor....kagum gilerrr~ haha

its not that i'm anticipating because of the fact that he is cute!! hahhaa...but honestly because i admire him since the 8tv had grown up boastfully under his brilliant mind and now i'm adoring him more as he got a beautiful personality. ohhh...can i find the same man here for myself?! LOL  ("~.~)

ok then, i LOVE 8tv sooooo much since i will switch on the channel whenever i'm at home. people, don't worry if you don't subscribe the MTV or AXN channel on the Astro as you could still watch the American Idol, American Next Stop Model, project Runaway, Desperate Housewives and etc etc on the Malaysian tv, the 708 channel! haha..seriously, now with its own show the Showdown and 8tv Quickie, this channel developing a new culture in Malaysia. 

i HEART 8tv!  =)


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  1. wah best nye! girl baju hijau tu mmg cute giloooos

  2. SUZAI!!!

    Yeah, best tol kuar aritu kan?

    Tak payah rancang pun,,,ada rezeki terus boleh jumpa hehehehe.....

  3. selalu singgah sini tp broadband i slow sgt sampaikan your post selalu i dpt tgk picture..huhu

  4. dah boleh tgk dah..so skrg saya jeles..haha

  5. so happening eh! :) nice event with 8TV. i support 8tv jugak, hehe

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  6. farah-->kn kn..serius muke die camtu je.haha xsenyum x hape pon tp mmg cun gler.huhu sy pon terpana..haha

  7. azham->yup mmg slalu mcm ni ble kt plan mesti xjd.ble x plan lah jumpe plak. xexpect lansung kn. hahahha..mmg jodoh tu nmenyerr. haha XD

  8. nikisa-->haiyoo sorry dear..ok sy da kurgkn post n sbgnyer. huhu..harap2 krg lembab sket ek loading nyer coz nnt awk bohsan tunggu trus xnk sgh blog sy da.hahhaha...tq 4 saying it loud ok. appreciate it dear ^^

  9. fish-->hehe..mmg 8tv best pon sbb sy xde MTV kat astro.haha terkilan je nk tgk ANTM!! tq 4 visiting in here


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