LOOK #40 - Photoshoot 8: The City Chic!

pashmina from Jalan TAR
basic top from Forever 21
blouse worn as outer from my mom's old wardrobe
pants from Forever 21
flats from The Summit
accessories from F21

lets talking about the outfit first. personally, i love the combo pink+blue in here as it exhibiting feminine but with a bit touch of boyish. haha..please say that you feel the way i felt. the stunning pashmina is my current favourite which i kept wearing it, so please don't get bored of it yarrr..  ^^

then, should be my mom's old blouse that i worn as an outer. i love the soft and light material of it since it successfully prevented me from drowning in my own sweat while walking under the sunny day. previously, i've wore it as a blouse which you can check on this post. Photoshoot: Back To Nature!

well, everybody knows where is this location, right?! yup, it is the hub capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and to be exact it is called as Jalan Bukit Bintang. Oh, i'm falling in love with the sophisticated diamond shape building of the Sephora everytime i went across it. haha...you don't have to worry about the eyes that staring on you since everybody is busy taking picture too. haha..so, this is the time to act like a tourist LOL

hmm..im not really in the mood of writing now since this post has took me about 1/2 day to finally click the PUBLISH button. huhu..im tired of thinking my un-touch FYP report but still i haven't do anything about it yet. Oh, God please give me the super power to freeze the time. so that, i could forever having fun without pondering on the matters that i dislike. hehe..

*** photos are taken by Nur Farhin Matori & edited by SizzlingSuzai ***


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  1. salam..I'm ur silent reader and I really enjoy to read your blog.keep writing!
    and i love your style too ~~

  2. wanie buchuk-->huhu mau wat camno lu exam lg ma..hahahha mari kt bergumbira d genting!!! XD

  3. anonymous-->ohhhhhhhhhh u makes me feel soooo warm! tq sooooooo much 4 d support n ofcoz d love!ok i'll keep writing n u should promise me to keep reading yarr..hehehe =))


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