The Sizzle Story of Suzai!

this artistic image is not mine. people, try to stare at the tangling image above. yup, it give you a little bit headache or in Malay we called as 'kusut' or 'seghabut' .hahhaha..this should be sounds sooo Lisa Surihani. hehe..sorry kak Lisa, don't be mad harr~ =]

now, why did i am in the mode of' 'kekusutan'. huh! its due to the complexity of the FYP report that i'm struggling to finish it by tomorrow morning. hmmm...i'm in the middle of it right on this moment and my partner, Miss Syafiqah has already gave up and happy in her own 'Alice in Wonderland' as in ZZzzzzz...haha

and me?! what did i do to lighten up the sleepy mode in here?! huhu.. assuredly, music and blogging can help to release my tense. so, here i am updating the latest+boring story of my saki-baki student life. yup, people please wish me a huge congratulation as i'm graduating this month. technically, i've done the final examination on the last 10th Jan but we are not finish yet as we've got the Final Year Project to be settle with. it is successfully extended our staying in here until the coming 24th Feb 2012. offence as in whatever!

all i know is we wanted to finish this course as we've already spent almost 5 and 1/2 years studying this course, the Barchelor in Manufacturing Engineering. its tiring and exhausting. OK, i admit that still medical courses are harder and disaster compare to ours but hey, everything has its own difficulty, right?!

hehe..ok dah merepek-repek sampai emo plak. haha..talking about the emotional part, this morning i had a  'personality profiling' class for the 3P program. we need to answer some Q&A to get to know our personality whether it is Dominance, Influencer, Steadiness or Compliance. guess what?! dengan hampehnyerr rakan-rakan ku telah mengisytiharkan bahawasanya saya adalah orang yang berjenis INFLUENCER and when i took the test, yup they are totally correct. cehh!! haha...OK, i knew it sounds soooo great to be an influence to the others but...

the bad thing is really bad which i'm an emo/ego type of people and i'm kinda playful/too easy til i'm stay 'S' like forever. AArghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..seriously, i'm freaking hate that fact which i considered it as 50-50 truth. ohhh God, please help me by throwing away this bullshit feeling. (erk, can i used that word?! =P )

OK, i think i desperately need to stop as i need to force myself to COMPLETE the report before i go to sleep. once i shut my eyes, it gonna be sooooo deep since i just had a 1 1/2 hr sleep for yesterday. huh! sleepy mode...ZZzzzzZZ...bye...Good night peeps...ZZzzzzz


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  1. hai cute..good night tooo..english awak sngat best..saya sukaa baca..senang faham..hope kita leh jumpa..

  2. hahaha...coz my english is just d ordinary one LOL. still trying soooo hard to improvise it. hehe tq 4 liking it dear..ok if nk kuar inform me lor n maybe im free on that moment. so y dun we meet for real kn.. =)


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