Life is Full of Beauty, Just Notice It.

i often live in despair
although i've always laugh-out-loud
but my mind wasn't simultaneously working with all the jokes i've made
nobody ever realize
and nobody ever care about it
so, i know i've to care for myself
coz i always believe that

Life is full of beauty, just notice it...


** photo is taken from tumblr **

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  1. sometimes ppl just see negativity and try to show that they are the one with the most problems in the entire world. kalau kite sentiasa bandingkan hidup kita dgn org yg jauh lebih sussh, we will see how beautiful our lives realy are...:)


  2. rite tq sooo much syah...yup,just look at the +ve thing of all the bad things happened on u. hmmm...insyAllah u will b like me who is being the joker but inside NOBODY knows..hahhaha...just b happy lahh senang citer kn..hehe


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