Model Off Duty - Part 2

long time ago, i've shared the intro on this 'model off duty' phenomena that attack the fashion freak, right?! click here to view the Model Off Duty -Part 1 yup, i'm still crazy over this thing and i'd always love to share some of my favourite looks in here. obviously the photo is not mine as i get it from the tumblr. :)

haha..i only know her name in the 2nd pic, she is Miranda Kerr yo! she is just soo pretty. i LOVE her dimples sooo much., don't you freaking ask me the other runaway model's name, no i don't have any idea. my knowledge is very limited here. hehe..

however, i'd say that it is easy to pull out this trendy style though. girls, you just need to be EFFORTLESSLY chic! hmmm..but add some extra on your simple look as example the boot or the fedora or the signature bag will do. i guess thats it. the very 1st pic is proving the fact. ^^

haha...despite the fact that it is compulsory for you to have the supermodel's measurement from head to toe. so that, you can successfully stun people with the skinny jeans that is beautifully wrap around your looong leg! *envy*

p/s: dunia memang kejam kan?! hahha...  XD then, thanks for viewing. LOVE ya..

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  1. yup..mekasih...akak mmg ada model figure from head to toe(wayyy long time ago..)...silalah envy...*sobs

  2. haiyoooo..kak ogosh anda berjaya MENJELESKAN sy y smaken mggemok ni!! hahaha...haishhh marahnyerrr..hahaha


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