LOOK #39 - Glitzy-Glam for the night!

silk pashmina from Jalan TAR
white blazer from Union Bay
jeans from Forever21
sequined clutch from Vincci
random accessories from F21, Diva & flea market
platform clog from ALDO

so, here is my full-length look of the dinner. the theme was set to be Glamorous and please know that i'm instinctly chose the pants instead of the flowy modest maxi skirt. huhu..don't ask for the reason as i guess it might due to the fact that i don't need to be sooo gracious and courteous for the whole night. hehe..i just don't wanna waste my energy on it LOL~  X)

daa..forget about that since i think i've proved that you can also looking so-glam even without a dress! anyhow, i admit that the modesty as well as the elegance factor can only be exhibit by the skirts/dresses. hehe..not to worry as i'll share with you my beloved friends's elegance looks on the next post.

talking about 'How to look glamorous?' hehe..i've posted a long sequencing entries that rambling about it. you are most welcome to check on it HERE: 10 Petty Ways To Look Glam?!  nevertheless, my simple look here was inspired by THIS POST: Instant Glamorous Chic! that sharing all the glitzy look from the Lookbook fashionistas.

OK, then. c ya on the next post. THANKS for viewing, reading & commenting! ^^

*** photos are credited to Tengku Nur Amni ***


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