Who wanna join me?!!

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hehe...look at the familiar picture above. you're right, it is the city of entertainment, Genting Highlands! and yup, i'm gonna be there by tomorrow morning with my dearest classmates. yeeaahooooooo!!! hehehe...as a matter of fact this famous tourism place is just near to our university, as near as it can takes about 1 1/2 hour to really reach the peak of the highland.

do please do me a favor on DON'T ASKING ME about how many times that i've went there? haha..it is more than you can't imagine it. haha..although it was soo many times but still every moment is a memorable sweet memory and hopefully, this time gonna be sweeter than the previous-previous visit. ^^

now, please add another info in my biodata which is Genting Highlands is my forever favourite place in Malaysia. the reason should be the low temperature lor. haha..guess what, i rather choose winter compare to summer! oh ok, i don't have the opportunity to really face the REAL-winter which people say your mouth will totally dry because it will go extremely cold. hmmmm...OK i didn't meant that coldness!! haha

thus, i'll be away for this 2 days. hahha..yup, only 2 days which you are not supposed to expect an updates soon after this post since once i descend down from the highland, i need to start struggle doing the damn report. huhu...bad behavior here. say no-no to it! ok lah..adik-adik, akak dah ngantok nak tutu!

BYE followers, readers and commentors. LOVE ya! =)


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  1. wow you go genting most of the time? that's cool :) i hate the hot weather at KL too

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  2. haha..yup fishie i've been there soo many times but still not getting bored of it! yup, KL is really hot rite now so, y dun u visit it too LOL =D

  3. Genting selalu hujan....

    nanti ada ride yg ditutup...


  4. thanks GOD azham abut i think out RM50 is worthy larrr..haha since the superman tu included in the tix. wow! haha will post an entry bout it later...of coz! XD


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