[Whats up K.L]K.L Bundle Fest vs Vintage Style


yup, i've once been a bundle buyer. hmmm..just wanna do some observation and conducting an experiment with the goods of the shop. obviously, it was super-duper cheap wherein you can get a jeans or even a dress for only RM5!

based on my experience, i'm not saying the goods are in a bad condition, it just that the level of quality is the same as how much you are paying! some of them are ohh-no-no BUT some of them are still in a very good condition which it looks like a new one. so, guys do not underestimate it since it really depends on the shop though~ ("~.~)


hence, now i'm sharing with you the event that gather almost 30 vendors of bundle collections under one roof. this news surely will give the huge impact on the VINTAGE LOVERS!! why the vintage people? well, when i visited the shop on the early last year, i've only seen lot of vintage clothing especially the dresses which look like in this pretty photo of Nab from The Vintage Rockstar.

its really candy-dandy and 60's, right?! yup, i LOVE it and i almost wanted to buy some for me since all of them are only RM5. so, you gonna like grabbing everything because they are cheap without wondering of the total amount. haha....thats why i HATE to go to the RM1.99 kinda shop!

however, after some re-thinking i totally canceled the plan as i'm not a vintage stylista (baru sedar kan~ haha), i'm just a lover and not the hater! hmmm..then i put all the beautiful dresses back at the rack and walking home with only a pair of nice red jeans. hehe..selamat duit akuh~  XD

anyhow, i think this is really a GOOD opportunity for me to add some old school blazers, knitted sweaters or any thrifty items in my wardrobe since i'm lacking of it and i do desperately looking for it too! besides, assuredly there will be lot of snazzy people at the event. wahhhh wahhhh...i'm dying to do the What?When?Wear? activity in there. hehe..

thus, fashionisto lets just wait and see yarr.. ^^

*** INFO is credited to www.tonguechic.com and
photo is to Nab from the Vintage Rockstar ***


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