"We Were In Love" by T-ara ft Davichi

oh, its sooo OK if you wanna say that you are not a K-pop fan but DO PLEASE JUST PLAY the official MV here and try to listen to this beautiful song. just like the love at the first sight, i was falling deeply in love with this song since the 1st time i heard it in T-ara's Lovey-dovey MV. don't freaking ask me which song is better, "Cry Cry" or this "We were in love"? as for me both are great songs and both are seriously sad..huhu

yup, please take a piece of tissue before you listen to the song...its a sad love story! (T___T)

obviously, the MV is really simple. personally, i think it looks like a cosmetic commercial vid since all the girls here are really pretty especially Soyeon from T-ara (the 1st person who initiated the song very well~). ohh, dear i heart your voice sooo much because it is quite hard to get a beautiful voice like yours in a dance group type of k-pop. you are just so perfect just the way you are. haha...imma big fan of T-Ara's Soyeon! hwaiting girl! ^^

then, i don't think i need to praise on Davichi Haeri's (the second singer~) powerful voice as every K-pop lover already knew that Davichi is lay under a vocal group category which both of the members are naturally born as a singer. and the other thing is please give more parts to T-ara's Hwayoung! hehe..

haha..so, i think everybody can expect that this song is in my top playlist right on this moment! lastly, GO T-ARA GO, YOU GIRLS ARE DAEBAK!!! ^^

*** image is credited to google.com ***


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  1. sedap2!!! suara dua org ni sgt sedap....gemersik je bunye dia...

  2. kn kn..layan giler lgu ni kn. oh y haeri y 2nd person nyanyi tuh mmg sume tauw sore die mmg power pon! best kn..


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