"Guess The Buddy Bear" contest!

haha..look how shawty i am! oh, please don't compare with the beautiful Rusian girl up there, uikksss! yup, all those perasan-nak-jadi-model incredible photos were super imposed by the perfect angles of the shot. opss, i will not reveal my true height as you had to meet me face-to-face for the answer. haha..

so, this was taken during my hanging out with Miss Farhin on the last weekend. by the way, she is also a blogger who blogs at Living In Love. go and visit her's ok?! ^^ we stumbled upon these huge bears in front of the Pavilion which actually i've already saw it since the Christmas week but still couldn't get the chance to take a photo with them. haha..yup, its compulsory as those giant bears are C.U.T.E!

basically, the event is called as "United Buddy Bears" which exhibit almost 130 bears that symbolizing each country in this world. you still have the time to go and visit them since it will be last until this coming 15th February 2012! it is really fun to analyse each embellishment on the bears and try to guess which country its resembles of. so, lets play the game in here! haha..

with my iconic body language in here, what country its represent for? hehe..

hehe..with the famous symbol of 'sarang', guess where is this bear coming from? ^^

hahaha..now this is really easy-peasy, i know everybody has the answer!  X)

its simply fun huh?! haha..thus, don't forget to bring along your camera whenever you plan to hang out around Pavi or even just doing some window shopping because the entrance is always happening.

p/s: i'm struggling finishing my FYP report right now. so, lets CONGRATS  me for atlast messing up my life with it and of course, GOOD LUCK for the coming presentation!

Oppss, sorry the prize for the winner of this contest is "CONGRATULATION YOU HAD WON!". thats it! c ya next time...hehe

*** photos are credited to SizzlingSuzai ***


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  1. OHH my........ jeles giler OK!! byknya bear... alaa,, bru cancel plan nk g KL,, and than got this cute thing..
    can u help hug that bear for me XD

    word verification tk post this comment are " impiann " ^_^

  2. hallahh..ade mase lg ni till 15th feb. hehe..mereka mmg chomel la n bpe lame plak kmi mghabeskn mase brposing2 kat dpn pitu pavi tuh. hahaha..malu gak la tp muke sy mmg tebal. haha..oh nex time trun KL gtau la mane tau sy free bleh meet up! ^^

  3. first - MALAYSIA

    second - KOREA

    third - USA

    (akak tau akak menang...yeay..ada hadiah ?)

  4. this looks like a cool project, very vibrant. thanks for stopping by

  5. kak ogosh..yeaahhhh u r d winner n d prize as i stated there...hahah a wishful shout from me "CONGRATES AKK OGOSH CYG AWAK MENANG!!!" HAHA


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