My Happy Graduation Dinner!

Ohhh....i miss my blog here soooo much. Alhamdulillah...i just finished my final examination sharp at 5.30 p.m yesterday (10th Jan 2012~) and will be the very-final paper in my life except if i'm furthering my studies to the Master/Ph.D level lor~ hehe...there are still in the long-waiting-list! X)

now, as i've been gembar-gemburkan that we had planned a dinner specially for the girls of Kuliyyah Engineering IIUM batch 072 on the previous post, here are the photos of the event. the theme was set as Glamorous and everybody is looking damn gorgeous!

p/s: no worry, i'll make a special post of that gorgeous full looks..  ^^

the memorable event was held at the grand Restaurant Nelayan, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. the place is beautiful, the food is delicious enough to full out empty stomach on that day but i felt the time was too short. haha..we've been busying taking photo instead of eating. looks like i'm not the only camera freak here but all the ladies in the photo above clearly show it.

now, the FUN part is when looking at everyone's beautiful outfits and make-up! haha..because usually we are the engineering student who going to the class with the workshop jacket + the bulky safety shoes + plain and boring tudung bawal and of course with the naked face. but now..all the ladies here were successfully proved that every girl are beautiful just the way she is...! hehehe...ever heard of that quote?! XD

lastly, a high gratitude to the AJK members for the hardworking and thanks to all of you, the pretty ladies for being such a good friend to me. please forgive me if i've done something that hurting you directly or indirectly  and do please remember that Ukhuwah Fillah Abadan Abadaa...amin... ^^

I LOVE YOU Engin 072 sisters...muahhhhhhh muaahhh! ;)

*** photos are credited to 
Tengku Nur Amni, 
Nur Fatin Zakki 
and Fauzun Asuhaimi 
& The Photographer! ***


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