LOOK #41 - The Black&White

1st of all, let us discuss the outfit in here. everything is repeated except the batwing top with the polka dot detailed. i bought it at the Fahrenheit88. (sorry couldn't remember the shop's name~) but everything sold there is excite me wherein i must say that i'd LOVE to come and shop there again and buy the whole shop! haha..

next will be the location which was at the Genting Highlands! hehe..remember i've told you that i went there with my dearest classmates?! no worry, i will share the awesome photo of our happiness moment in my next-next post. haha..just wait for it ok!

then, yeahhhhh..for the FYP report that i've been working non-stop for the past 3 days is 90% done. haha..still 90% as the 3rd draft just has been corrected by my supervisor yesterday and i'm super exhausted to continue doing it since it is only a formatting error. so, once i've correct it, i'm fully done! yup, i just redeemed my sleep this morning and i'm really fresh now..hehe

so, my normal life story is tomorrow i'll be going back home after the long 2 months. hmm...i should say i miss my home, my room and my bed! haha..i'm so happy. Good Night peeps!

*** photo are credited SizzlingSuzai ***


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