New Look!

Oh is a Black&White theme! why B&W? do i'm in despair or my life is just so full of darkness right now? haha..the answer is as easy as the A,B,C. i LOVE the pic there and i just wanted to match the color with it! haha..look don't have to squeeze your mind for it LOL.  =D

so, do you guys LOVE or HATE it?! hehe..i'll understand if you are disliking it since it look quite dull and gloomy. but hey, personally i think B&W is an instant way to achieve sophisticated look plus it looks classy. isn't it?

however, my final decision of this new look will be depends on you, my dearest readers! if you HATE it, i guess i should immediately change the colors and so-on because i'm scared of loosing you guys! haha..therefore, just tell me what ya think in the comment box and i'll analyse it. OK? then, c ya.. ^^


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  1. LOIKE! Black 'n white is simple but chic, classy, timeless and edgy all wrapped into one. Very nice... =)

  2. ohhh tq encik zamri for loving it. kn kn B&W simple but classy. i guess i stick w this theme larrr ek =))


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