What-When-Wear?: The 072 Ladies Night!

with Miss Yana Bur

with Miss Wanie-chan

with Miss Suhaila

with Miss Syafiqah

with Miss Ateen

the beautiful ladies, Miss Mun, Miss Yana & Miss Huda

its been a while that i don't post any "What-When-Wear?" entry right?! yup, its due to the NO FASHION EVENT in my schedule and NO HQ CAMERA by my side. hehe..but i guess you will probably see it more in the future as i'm always soooo excited to capture those snazzy fashionistas that i met whenever i hung out around K.L.

hence, these are some of the stunning look that were captured during my graduation dinner on the last 22.12.2011. yup, it was a ladies night wherein NO MEN ARE ALLOWED plus everybody needs to dress-to-kill by following the GLAMOROUS theme!

so, no wonder why lot of the look here are glitzy enough to attract your attention. i guess when the theme was point out to be GLAM, everybody will suddenly think of something Bling!Bling!. yup, it is wickedly correct but remember you don't wanna look like a embellished Christmas tree!

thus, this post is share to inspired the ladies. Thanks to all my pretty colleagues here for their stunning look and hopefully, you guys love it as i adore it. by the way for MORE PHOTO of the event, you are most welcome to CHECK IN HERE  so, sesape yang takde mukenyerr di sini, SILA JANGAN KECIK HATI kerana anda perlu tekan link itu yarr..hehe..  ^^

*** photos are credited to Nur Fatin Zakki, Fauzun Asuhaimi & The Photographer ***


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