MANU-riang at Genting Highlands [Part 1]

Awe. Wan Cheng. Yana. K.Wanie. ME. Piqah. Wanie-chan. Parhin. Amir. Haizam. Kamal

GONG XI! GONG XI! to all the Chinese community who celebrating the CNY celebration. wish you guys had a blessing year on this dragon year, the 2012! more good fortune, more lucky stars and more prosperity will be coming to you. hmmmm...not the burger LOL. hehe..

thus, i've initiated my new year with the wonderful time with my dearest classmates at the Genting Highlands. we went there on the last 14th Jan 2012. haha..yup, it was on the last-last weekend. sorry guys, as i've always delayed my update in here. too many things to be settle first. huhu..mian-hae

whatever it is..lets the photo do the talking! ^^

we're dominated the phone box! =P
oh, i love this swing so much. my fav...buaian yang menggembirakan! hehe this! sometimes, it is freaking fun to act like a child~
oh, gaya sejuk melampau...dreaming like we're at London!  =P
harrr...skang berangan kat Jepun polak! hahha...  =D
this is what we called as the photographer who is also dying to be the model...  =P
with Miss Syafiqah, the character from the Star Wars! hahahhaha..jangan marah kak piqah. haha
with Miss Parhin...gedebush! next Krabi jom! haha
with Wanie-chan...saranghaeyo unnie!  XD

the cutest and most beautiful ladies...hahaha XD
POYO! poyo! POYO! XD

FUN is the best word to describe those photo but memorable will be the better word soon after we're officially graduate on this coming February. i'd not say that no more meeting or gathering after this but we have to admit the fact that it might be quite hard to find the available time for all of us. huhu..

hmm..lets forget about that dispersing stuff for a while and focus on the short but truly sweet vacation in here. ohh, i should say that i LOVE the cold weather so much. it was raining the day before we went up the highlands, so it was windy, breezy and foggy on that day. LOVE and HEART it! haha..just look at those natural foggy photo above. Oppss, plus the double decker bus. it looks like we're vacay at London or something huh?! haha..poor me who is still dreaming to be there but hey, i'll try my best to make it real though! =) there are lot of photos in my folder, CLICK HERE to view the MANU-riang at Genting Highlands [Part 2] c ya... ^^

*** photo are credited to SizzlingSuzai ***


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  1. hehe..piqa nampak makin bergaya kan suzai..hehehe..:)

  2. seronotnyo kome.. bawaklah i pulak.. kate da byk kali pegi..ngehngeh

  3. myra-->larrr..xplak terserempak kn. hahah...xkn g 14hb gak erk. hehe..g nga mimie ke? X)

  4. k.yana cyg->hahhaha..aah jgn memain sy pon kalah dah! hahhaha...salah sy kerrr? hahahha..

  5. cik fauzun-->larr buhsan plak la sy nk neik lg nyer. hahahha..aah seriously byk kali n i mmg dah hafal selok belok kat genting nun harr! XD cik yun tanggung sume bole lah sy tman gak la jd tour guide! XD


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