Bruno Mars whose moving like Jagger!

the Valerie version of Bruno Mars at the VMA 2011's Tribute to Amy Winehouse. freaking awesome performance, super duper awesome! guys, should watch it, go to the YT asap! 

Runaway Baby's dazzling performance from the Today Show! ohh, i heart the Lazy Song performance on this same show. seriously, it was the best version out of all..!

 the Bruno Mars's moonwalk. randomly picked from his tremendous Doo Wops & Hooligans's tours!

Oh, i MISS my baby badly! but i'm so sure that you guys are not missing any post about him in here, right?! i care?! well, honestly i'm constantly checking out his latest updates via his official page plus thousands of Bruno Mars's tumblrs. you don't know about this fact LOL.  XD

hmmm..the very latest news about him is he just done the tour at the Sao Paulo on the last 24th Jan 2012. yup, still busying with the tours plus-minus filling up the invitation from variety of tv shows. should i re-recommend you guys to watch the "It Will Rain" stunning performance at the X-Factor?! no prob as i always ready for your retarding updates bout him. haha...CLICK HERE to watch it...!

then, c ya on the next update. BRUNO MARS is wickedly BOK!!

boastfully posing with his Hooligans! haha..everybody is adorably looking like they were on a cozy vacation to an island. hahah..i guess they were dreaming of going back to Hawaii..hehe.

oh, btw KENJI-CHAN! (the 2nd from the left) you are hotting in there...lor~ sorry baby i'm being unfaithful for a while.. ok, now i'm back with you. hehe..looking at those ripped shorts there. X)

lastly, I MISS MY BABY BADLY and i'll always LOVE him soooooo much!  (~"~)

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