[12.1.2012] The List in The Playlist

image credited to google.com

10th : Mistletoe by Justin Bieber

9th : Be Mine by Infinite

8th : Bullet by Katy Perry

7th : When You Believe by Whitney Houston ft Mariah Carey [huhu..i just downloaded the mp3]

6th : I Will Right Here Waiting For You by Richard Max [my no.1 love song!]

5th : It Will Rain by my baby!! =)

4th : Sesaat Kau Datang by Ramlah Ram ft SleeQ

3rd : Crazy by Teen Top

2nd : Mengharap Bintang by Ezad Lazim. [layan gilak!]

1st : Cry Cry by T-ara [both versions, the ballads and the dance]

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