ohhh, i guess its not too late for me to make a special entry for this CNY, huh?! as usual, OK OK i know i'm late! haha..but atlast i did it and thats why people has quoted that "Better Late Than Never" right?! hehe....alasan tak bleh blah~ XD

hence, a huge wish of HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all the Buddha believers. GONG XI! GONG XI! hehe..wish this dragon year will be fully fill with lucks, joys and happiness! ^^

why not we ramble a bit about this festival here. well, i'm so proud to be Malaysian as we are able to celebrate a lot of big festivals in the world including this CNY celebration. yup, i've an experience visiting and celebrating CNY at my dad's colleague house long time ago. it was really FUN to know other's cultures and the BEST THING is i've got a big angpow on that day! haha..they believe that as long as you're not married yet you are qualify to receive the angpow. harrrr...so, ppl DON'T GET MARRIED LOL. XD

OK lor. tomorrow i'll be going back to my campus and start to messy back my life with the FYP stuffs, the 3P classes and spending the very last moment with my dearest babes! ={

again, Happy CNY people and c ya. Daaaa... ^^

*** art is credited to SizzlingSuzai & photo is captured by FarhinMatori ***


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  1. Wah....photoshoot kat Pavilion!

    My favourite place! hehehehe

  2. hahha..kmi mmg sntiasa berphotoshoot walau kmana sja! hahaha..tauw dah fav place tp pgi xajak pon i tauw! XD


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