Forever 21

i wish i can remain FOREVER 21! haha..not to worry as nobody can achieve that dream as the time will constantly increasing our age. huh?! now, why does i'm worrying about the age increment in here? is it my birthday today? lar, its just that this American clothing branding has successfully steal my heart and my soul since the first day i've went into the store.

why FOREVER 21? personally, i think this branding is resembling my style the most. can i say it is a high street fashion mark? but assuredly, F21 is very chic but not soooooo feminine and absolutely trendy! now, how can you be so sure that the clothing branding is your kinda style? just that when you walk into the store, everything that is being displayed caught your attention. seriously, you'll feel like wanna grab all those things including the one on the dummies and just run to the cashier. hahha..sadly, you need to check the cash in the wallet first LOL. no money, no talk, NO fashion.

why now? haha..long time ago i used to had this thing in mind which this branding is super duper expensive. Opps, it doesn't mean that nowaday i don't consider it as pricey anymore. it just that, it depends on the item, the time and the RM in my acc. right now i'm already afford to shop at this store but not ZARA. haha..remember i'm a full-time student who don't earn any income yet. so, ZARA please wait for a while. surely, my mom will scold me if right now, i'm spending RM119 for only a basic top! LOL  XD

no no no. not to worry mom since i've got lot of other interest besides being a fashion freak., i know i should wisely distributing my money if i wanted to have all of it. hadooii..thats why people do please limit your interest and the best is just focus only on one thing! hahaha...settle then~

anyhow, i just wanna share my humble opinion about this American brand which was being founded by a Korean businessman back at 1984! wonder why i heart it soo much. it had a little bit touch of a Korean. hahahha...ok i'm not sooo fanatic about it, i'm just a normal K-POP lover. P.E.A.C.E.

thus, people be ready to see more F21 items in here. honestly, i'm freaking in love with everything of this branding, the clothes..of course, the stunning accessories, the shoes and even the concept of the store! try to visit the Pavilion's F21 if you haven't reach it yet and surely, you will get what i meant. hehe..

lastly, i've decided to announce that F21 is my favourite branding out of all. uikkss, who cares..Suzai?! haha..thanks for reading. Daaa...

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  1. I love forever21 too!! I think 70% of my daily wear come from f21.

    If i'm not mistaken the 5th picture is f21 at orchard road right? Went there for Christmas sale. They got 4 floor of awesome clothes at great bargain. FTW!

  2. rite..this brand is super cool! wahh its not even 50% of my daily wear yet dear but i do wanted it to be 100% of my wardrobe.

    haha..oh thanks 4 d info surely i just randomly pick the photo which featured the store all around d world. dear, NEXT TIME U B THERE DO PLZ LET ME KNOW so that I CAN ASK u a favor TO BUY SOME 4 ME lor..hehe no im so serious here! X)

  3. Saya baru masuk 20 tahun bulan lepas hahahahaha......

    Pernah termasuk butik Forever 21 kt Pavi, rasanya byk pakaian utk perempuan sbb tak jumpa brg2 utk lelaki heheheh

  4. haiyooo...berlagaknyer die ape ingt i tua sgt ke?! hahahhaha..mmg tua da pon huaarghhhh...sedih!! haiyoo..ade je man's clothing especially kat pavi tu kn plg byk la i tgk but still i think this brand is focusing more on women. hmmm...topshop man ke harrhhgg jelas2 la utk laki kn. hahaha

  5. i don't think the world is cruel, it's just us who are being cruel to ourselves for not knowing the beauty of being in God's beautiful guidance. i don't know why but often times i find that girls said they dont get the best of what they want, and usually this comes from those who keeps chasing the world too much. while those who aren't often look so serene and peaceful. guess that's the difference. so just erase that thought that the world is cruel, instead take it this way, there's a very good reason why God created u the way u are, so embrace and love God, u'll be fine :)

  6. ya Allah...thank u so much for the beautiful words here. yup, i know sometimes i was toooooooo emotional til i forgot that Allah had set everything for me and there is the hikmah behind it. huhu...again thanks 4 the reminding...i'll always rmember this insyAllah... =)


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