"Sesaat Kau Datang" Ramlah Ram ft SleeQ

image is credited to google.com

who says that i'm only listening to K-POP and Bruno Mars's?!! hahaha..you are so wrong! guys, although i'm sooooo crazy over the K-POP but hey, i'm proud to be Malaysian and i'm proud to say that we are also having a great great songs in our industry. hahaha...semangat kebangsaan meluap-luap ni! so, to all the fanatic K-POP fans out there, do please support our local industry first before boasting on other's lor~ XP

so, i guess you've heard this duet, right?! especially to whom listening to Hot.fm as this song has been the 1st rank on the chart more than once! hehehe..i don't count on it but assuredly it was more than one and everytime i switch on the radio, this song will be on air~ whereas i LOVE it!

thus, i just wanna share this acapella vid of  the ENGLISH version of the song. btw, i LOVE the english version more than the malay one larrr. huhu...now, PLAY it and you will get to hear the beautiful voice of akak Ramlah Ram and the boys! ^^

hehehehehhe...the first comment should be, OMG THOSE GUYS ARE SOOOOOOO CUTE plus they got a great voice. haiyooooo...if you guys are reading this, do please leave you phone number in the comment box. OK?! hahahhaa...SleeQ boys are cute!  XD

i guess thats it as if i continue the writing, i'll only ramble on how cute the guys in the vid. so, SUZAI please stop it and end today's update with...

guys, the SleeQ boys are cute and i'm their fan!! hahahahhaa XD


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