My 1st time at The Chicken Rice Shop!

breaking the short hiatus with this ordinary food review..oh, please wipe your saliva dear..haha ^^

i bet anyone who is reading this post might already have the experience dining in this famous 'The Chicken Rice Shop'. honestly, it is quite embarrassing to announce here that this was my first time eating at this restaurant although my friends have already promoted it soooo many times., this is my quick review about this chicken base restaurant.

the first word that come to my mind is the food was truly delicious. hehe..ok i knew i'm really late by saying this truth fact that everybody already know but hey, i still wanna share my opinions and thoughts about my own experience.

this was actually last week when me and my old-groupies were gathering for the 1st and the last time before our graduation day. no worry, i've prepared a special entry for them. hehe..all the flasback stories will be reveal on the next post..

so, my most liking should be the honey-something chicken which is in the photo no.3 as well as the so-called-popiyah or the exact name is 'pai tee'. hehe..seriously i love both of the dishes where the taste is so tempting and makes me craving for it more and more.

thus, i don't feel like saying i recommended you guys to make a visit at this restaurant as i knew that i'm the last person here. haha..shame on me!! by the way, let me rank this restaurant as 4.89 out of 5.00 since the food is totally scrumptious and the price is obviously everybody's standard which is really affordable!

OK, then actually i'm still in the 'student lounge' right now having a discussion with my teammates for tomorrow morning presentation. huhu..its tiring and its exhausting! worry i've done my part before writing on this entry. haha..ok bye-bye and gooooood nite!

*** images are credited to SizzlingSuzai ***


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  1. It's your first time? WELCOME ABOARD! sedap kan? I love the pai tee and the braised chicken. Just thinking about it makes me drool *slurpp*

  2. sedapnyaaa =D, suka btul popia 2, but only eaten once coz when i go back i see bangla cook for it!! then i never think to eat it anymore.. =)


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