Ultimate 7 Cheeses to indulge@Pizza Hut!

huhu...i know this is quite late as it was actually on the early last month where me and my sister are craving for the latest edition of Pizza Hut's Ultimate Cheesy 7 Pizza! yup, we both LOVE pizza so much and we both also LOVE the cheese. haha..not really a fan though but still enjoy it. can look at the size lor~ =D

so, without any hesitation, we ordered the selected topping which is the everybody-favourite, the Hawaiian Chicken combining with the 7 cheeses. they are Mozzarella cheese, Cheddar cheese, Monterey cheese, Provolone cheese, Romano cheese, Parmesan cheese and cream cheese. yup, a very sinful one!

as it was being served on the table, we could immediately saw the cheesy topping on top of the pizza whereas you couldn't saw anything else, not the chicken or the pineapples. haha..it was cheesy everywhere. its melting and tempting! ^^

take a look at the salivating images of the very cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesy pizza!

haha..sila lap air liuq tuh. meleleh-leleh dah.. =}  lap air liur sendiri sebenanrnyer...haha

as you can see there are the WHITE BALLS on top of every slice. it is actually the 'Philadelphia cream cheese' which you should slide it on each slice before you eat it. unfortunately, we didn't know about it so, we just removed that very cheesy cheese ball away from our slice! haha...its so wasteful!  =D

anyhow, i would say that the taste is just as similar the ordinary pizza but the differ is it was being added with more and more cheeses and assuredly all the cheese lovers will favour this ultimate cheesy pizza! haha..nevertheless, this pizza will make you extremely full with just only 2 slices, so make sure you come with more people huh?!

ok then, QUICKLY GO AND TRY it as i'm not exactly know when will this promotion end but yup, its still going on at every Pizza Hut branches. moreover, there is a new version which is the Ultimate Cheesy Bites 7 Pizza. Oh oh..more cheeses and more sinful! tq for reading.. ^^

*** photos are credited to SizzlingSuzai ***


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