Ukhuwah Fillah Abadan Abadaa..

to be true, these ladies are the first people who i met in IIUM. we've known each other since the matriculation days at the Centre For Foundation, IIUM. we met on the very 1st day of the studies when we were grouped in a same GPDP group and then, we happened to be a classmate. guys, this was in the year of 2006!!

yup, i'm not soooooooooooo young anymore but hey, i'll not reveal my age since i knew that i look younger than i am. wonder what is in your mind, just admit it!! haha  XD

oh ok, back with the reminiscing of my friendship here with Miss Syamilah Sujor, Miss Syaira Johana, Miss Shazanadia and Miss Nadja. hehe..honestly, they are all happening a.k.a lawak tak ingat as whenever we were together, the funny scenes will never stop. haha..OK, thanks to Syam and Syei for making my life delighting and surely memorable! hmmmm, let me write this in malay as it will sounds more touching and sincere. haha....

korang memang best, thanks for being my friend since dulu till now. of course, kite ingat lagi kenangan2 manis kita bersama especially during the matric and the 1st year in Gombak when we spent lots of time together. sorry kalau selama kita bersahabat, saya ada kecikkan hati sesapa and of course, sorry for being the one who split out from the group. but hey, not the friendship OK!! insyAllah...ukhuwah fillah abadan abadaa.. ^^

kenangan yang memang tak bleh lupa:

  • kat class masa matric, mesti dok kat belakang sekali..haha latu geng pakai selipar yang havoc! haha..sir malek beb lagi tak bleh blah! XD
  • actually tak ingat sangat dah mase matric, al-maklumlah MUDA SGT kn. hahaha..dah nyanyok dah but what i remember for ever is it was the best time during the matriculation day whenever we were gathered together..seriously..
  • then, kat Gombak, paling BEST wat presentation B.M . hahaha..tiap kali tengok vid tu mesti gelak r..terbaek giler! kita semua memang pelakon yg berbakat. hmm..jgn lupe Tun Sambathan OK! XD
  • next, will be hari rabu malam kot. kelam kelibut siapkan kerje drawing subjek sampai tak tido. huh..bengong drawing je pon. ahhaha..naseb beik lulus gak ek~ haha
  • last but not least, this moment at the chicken rice shop. huhu..the first ever gathering after masing-masing dah major and susah nak jumpa dah. we don't know that maybe this is the 1st and the last one after the year 2007...lets pray that hopefully it was not the last.. ={

OK, if you wanna cry. please do so as writing this had already bringing the tears in my eyes. i LOVE you guys and insyAllah our friendship will stay forever..amin..




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  1. rindu plak kawan2 tgk gamba2 ni...anyway, i'm back dik..thanks sebab ada singgah melawat akak masa akak xde..hehe

  2. hehehe...xd hal lah kak..smoga sumenyer sihat baby da keluar nih!?! haha..wish u get a great year yer


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