Look #2 - Mesmerizing Maxi Dress

#1 Yuna Zarai via Lookbook

#2 Flávia Desgranges van der Linden via Lookbook

#3 Liza via TongueInChic

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#7 Lina Hussein via Lookbook she is seriously beautiful huhu.. (~>.<~)

Continuing the FIRST PART with this second look #2...

i assume that this trend will be like everyone favourite and choice! yup, maxi dress have been separated like viruses among the Hijabi beauties since the fashionista Yuna Zarai & the pretty Hana Tajima wore it. i'm not saying that these ladies are the starters since i aware of the fact that Nichole Richie is one of the first clan who brings this beautiful garment back on top of the fashion world....till now..  ^^

therefore, i'd say maxi dress is a timeless style and you will not go wrong with it. be it day/evening and be it casual/formal ocassion, maxi dress can simply makes you stand out among the people. the point is, wisely choose the fabric, design and the way you dressed it. huhu..

thus, let me briefly explain it. if you notice that there are like two type of maxi dress which is the plain and the pattern one. the easiest way is opt for the plain one as in formal wear and the pattern one for a leisurely casual wear. nevertheless, it can also be opposite based on the way you styled it. Check on Sarah Jessica Parker's and Ashley Olsen's fancier look in HERE.

so, now how to make the formal one turns into a glamorous style. haha..i almost forgot that our theme is glamorous LOL. ladies, just opt for any maxi dress that makes from a GOOD QUALITY fabric and simply grasp a metallic clutch on the hand. done! you are ready to walk into a glamorous party. just imagine all the fashionistas here are holding a sequinned clutch, its perfect huh?!

basically, maxi dress ensembles elegance and can be wear at any sophisticated events. besides the elegance clutch you can also maximizing the simple, plain, dull but GOOD QUALITY maxi dress with the accessories! i meant give some Bling! Bling! effects to the whole look as in the previous post, "10 Petty Ways To Look Glamorous" saying that the luxurious jewelry is the best choice to transforming the casual way to a glamorous one. check on the Look #3 and Look #7.

another prominent aspect is the hijab part. ladies, to look glam in this silhouette is make sure that you beautified the hijab by try to avoid the ordinary tudung bawal~ except you wear it like the famous Indonesian designer, Dian Pelangi's kinda wway. hehe....go and google yourself ok. hence, my recommendation would be the satin hijab, pashmina or what-so-ever that you can creatively covered the aurah. ^^

OK i think i've done with this since i knew lots of YOU already know how to pull this maxi dress. seriously, this is the easiest way, the most famous one and hahahahha...the laziest way also ma...haha just wear it, grab any signature bag/clutch, heels and ta-da you've DONE! =)

then, GOOD LUCK babes in finding the best maxi dress for you. remember, know your body well and wisely choose the design/patterns/colors that suit you the most! OK, let met list this two blogshop which selling the BEST MAXI DRESS i've ever seen. hehe..the PopLook's dresses are to die for!!!!

MAYSAA by Hana Tajima

Thanks for reading, commenting and following. Opps, this is not the end, gonna be more coming on the next post! wait for it yarrr... ^^

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