The Manhattan Fish Market @ ecurve

undoubtedly, this is one of the restaurant that me and my sister wanted to give it a try. then, it came an opportunity when i saw a Gruopon voucher for a set of menu to dine in this restaurant named as The Manhattan Fish Market. without further a due, i've bought 2 vouchers and recently, redeemed it at the e@curve, Mutiara Damansara outlet.

apparently, everybody has heard about this unique restaurant that served only-fish-based type of dishes, right?! but not to worry for the fish haters since there are other seafood as well and i should say that the serving is unique too. as for the grilled/big grill which is not included in our orders, the waiter will flame your dish by the torch right in front you, so it is very refreshing and assuredly cooked! haha..thats it!

nah, lets take a sneak peek on our menu..

[Mocktails] tropical breeze - RM7.50 (each) 
[Mocktails] gummy bear - RM8.50 
[Small grill] grilled fish fillet, calamari, tiger prawns, chips, broccoli, carrots 
and served with garlic herb rice - RM29.90 (each)
[Soup] Regular chowder - RM i-don't-remember! haha
[Wrap 'n Roll] Tuna - RM14.90

first thing first, i should admit that the pricing is a bit pricey but specifically, if you order even that small grill, it is actually full enough to fit 2 people! yup, the portion is kinda big as you not only got the seafoods, there is also the 'tasteless' rice underneath those 'objects'  and not to mention that the fries are too much for a person to finish it up. an advice here, go for a sharing-is-caring for that one course meal! ^^

next, will be the wrap 'n roll of the Tuna. as for me, i think the tuna taste is too strong whereas you can only taste the tuna without anything else. i'm not a big fan of it, so all i can say is the taste is the same as the tuna that you put in your morning breakfast gardenia! haha.. ^^

overall, i claimed that all the foods are making you full enough till the next morning but it was a bit tasteless. thus, if you are looking for the 100% perfect dining, you are not recommended to visit it but if you are the type of A FOOD TASTER PERSON who is always looking for something new and difference, then THE MANHATTAN FISH MARKET is really worth to try on!! 

lastly, i'm  actually celebrating the newly weds couple who is my sister and her spouse. haha..yup, this time around, they were lucky as i paid the bills. hemmm....i meant the vouchers that worth of RM60! seriously, our total expenditure was approximately RM90+ if we are not using the vouchers...huhu pricey huh?!

anyhow, we both satisfied on this first trial and now its your turn peeps. hehehe..good luck! tq for reading, commenting and following...

*** images are credited to SizzlingSuzai ***


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