Wrapping Up my 2011!

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this will be in numbered and very quick! huhu...actually i'm in somewhere out of my room/home/whatever....haha which is the lappy is borrowed....sooooo plz be FASTER SUZAI!

1. lets start with claiming that i'm soooooo active blogging in the year of 2011! the total post is 292 entries..hahahhaha yup, that is a huge number for me LOL ^^

2. next should be...Waarghhhhhhh....my baby's concert was scheduled in 10th April 2011 (you should know by now about who is him~) which i'm not able to attend!! arrghhhhh..it is freaking frustrating until i tergoleng-goleng tau... (T__T)

3. plus......I'M NOT GOING to the SuperShow 3! arghhhh....mian hae oppa!! (T__T)

4. be a first timer at the CHIC POP streetmarket plus the OBB fashion event plus the Urbanscapes 2011. wohooo..imma official fashion blogger here! hahahhahha

5. a small farewell with my seniors. huhu..the saddest one should be separating with my darling kak Liyana Adam! =(

6. i've done my internship for 4 months!

7. hahahahhahha...meeting my SuJu oppa for the 3rd times and it was at the Himpunan Jutaan Belia which is the crystal-clear ever!! huhu..although its not all of the 13 of them..hmmm NO Shiwon-shi!

8. I've LOST MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!! seriously this thing freak me out...it was not the chicken level anymore, it was the datok's chicken already...huh i was sooooooooooo extremely stressed by it, should i add that i cannot sleep bcoz of that stupid thing........whatever it is, it was solved and i should thank God for it..

9. the 100% FUN Pangkor VACATION with my babes!

10. my sister is married!!!! huhu...i'm left alone! hahahha...poor me...

ok then, last word should be i LOVE my blog, i LOVE my followers/readers and i LOVE you!!

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  1. 2011 is great. 2012 must be better! happy new year dear =)

  2. bila jam pyzam dok berdetik, rasa countdown mcm for real pulak here huhuuuuu

  3. nasha-->i LOVE u 2 3 4 5..n so on!!hehehhe tq sooo much 4 d love dear!! =))

  4. schajar-->tq dear..wish it will b a greta 4 u too..amin ^^

  5. farihah-->hahhaha...hanggap je la cam tuh..nk celebrate kat dtaran merdeka xle kn..hahahhaha XD


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