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photo courtesy to www.tonguechic.com

no finger prints are the same in this world even for the twins! therefore, everybody had their own taste and views whether on the food, hobby and even the fashion part. hehe..so, i guess i'm a bit different though when i said that i adore streetstyle more compare to the other fashion bandwagon. but i'm not saying that i don't admire the high fashion and so on and so forth, it just that i found this style is more freedom and executing who i am!  

thus, my sneak peak should be on the countless streetsyle blogs and tumblrs all around the world. i've once list out some of them, so you can check it in here --> Best Site for Streetwear

thus, i'm here focusing on the Malaysian beauties who were captured by the tongueinchic crew at their famous event, the previous Chic Pop Street Market. yup, all the looks are petty but still stylish in its own way.

obviously, it is very easy to copy this kinda look. you just have to choose whether the top or the bottom part as the prominent feature of your whole look whilst keep the other as basic as you can. as in the look #1 and #4, the girls played with the bottom part where they go for an extra and keeping basic at the top. oh, love it!

anyway, if you are looking for more inspiration to wear something for this weekend hanging out with the babes, just visit their official page at here --> Style snaps at Asia's Fashion Portal (tonguechic)

thus, ladies...tq for reading, commenting and following... ^^

*** photo are credited to www.tonguechic.com ***


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  1. hello miss sizzlingsuzai!!

    suka yg amat la style yg pic last 2, she is really vintage fashionable kan.. sllu follow up dia,, and she very cute to..

    just want to share a story~~
    coz i live at peneng and not seing a fashion person a lot here, just streetstyle minah rempit byk kat sini, i just lost my minat for wear a nice cloth when go out,, and a lot kutuk2 fm org kg, bt i think i just wear something biasa jer,sgt2 la biasa... maybe they don't see other wear it they call me pelik.. huhh, wish me get a job at Kl and we maybe can hangout together.. hahaha, luahan perasaan plk.. haha

    ok slam sejahtera ke atas kamu

  2. hahah best2 streetstyle minah rempit..haha..btol2 klu kt sorg je dok brgaya sakan mmg malu!haha sy pon pkai simple je klu ngan family coz mak n kakk sy TERSGTLA simple. so i guess i'll dressed up from head to toe depends on the place, time and event! haha..

    haiyoo..no hal lah! bole je jom la jmp klu awk trun KL kasi tau ek.klu sy free insyAllah! =))

  3. ur welcome! dun forget to gimme d link if done w it ok =))


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