haha..in the mode of 60's

the oldies..'Tak Mengapa' by A Rahman Hassan..

haha..yup, it is the golden years of Pop Yeh Yeh the A Rahman Hassan's! haha..actually me and my teammates are still in the 'student lounge' preparing for our presentation on tomorrow morning while PLAYING ON THE POP YEH YEH SONGS!! opsss, actually this morning sharp at 8 a.m. huhu..it was already 2:50 a.m right now and we are still not done with it yet. *tired*

hahahhaa....honestly, we were already dehydrated by all the slide show making, report writing and business proposal stuff! so, we kinda of bengong already...haha..just look at my clumsy sentences here and there... =}

OK daaa.. see you on my next post. haha..don't know if i'll get any idea based on our messy circumstance right now, insyAllah you will see many sudden updates in here. haha..

OK right now, we are switching the mode to a crazier one, the DANGDUT! =D


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  1. hahhaha...lagu ko dikeuadara kan..puas hati x..hahha MEMORY DAUN PISANG!! hahahha


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