The 11 facts that will make you dance!

HAHA..the baby is too cute huh?! i guess, he is doing the cacamarba dance..haha. so, thats the reason of why that gif was being attached in here! hahha

admittedly, i'm not really a contest person. its not that i don't wanna join those countless blogger's contests. it just that i don't have an extra time for that. haha..i meant it took me about more than 1 hr to only post one entry! the time consumption is very limited in here.. XD

as my close babe a.k.a the blogger of the PatPatSiKuLipat has tagged me several times, haiyooooo...sorry dear, ok i'm joining this one ok. jangan merajuk yerrrr wanie bucuk-bucuk! ("~,~)

so, here are the RULES!

  1. You must post these rules.
  2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
  3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
  4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tagged to answer.
  5. You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.
  6. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged HIM/HER.
  7. No tag back!

hence, here are the 11 Things About Me!

  2. i don't watch Starwars & Harry Porter but imma big fan of Twilight. hehe
  3. i'll melt whenever Justin Bieber draws his killer smile on his handsome face! (T__T)
  4. so, i hate Selena Gomez!
  5. but i'm crazeyy over her song "Love You Like A Love Song" huh!
  6. i just finished watching Justin Timberlake's "A Friend With Benefits" last night!
  7. can i get a cutie BF like J.T...can't i?!
  8. i'm in my FINAL year, FINAL semester and FINAL month! yeahhhh!
  9. i claimed myself as not a demanding girl, but i guess i it?! (>.<)
  10. i love man with the nice shirt, nice jeans & nice shoes. thats it!
  11. imma a GOOD person...lalalalala....

next, the 11 answers from Wanie-chan's questions!
haha..saya translate la yerr..  XD

1. why did you blog? is it really a great thing? 

- YES, it is! haha..actually bcoz i love to write lor~

2. how much u spend for eating in a week? 

- RM60 if i'm not dining outside the campus

3. i'm passionate over the manga, then what is urs? 


4. r u an anti k-pop fan? 

- obviously, NOT. I AM ADDICTED OVER the K-POP!

5. what is the meaning of your name?

- dad's name SUkarjo + mom's name ZAItun ==> SUZAI

6. r u an extreme lover? 

- DEFINITELY, i always love to challenge myself!

7. what do u plan after you've done with the studies?married? 

- NO! find a perfect job, earn lots of money, brings my mom to a very cozy vacation and then, MARRIED! hehehehe..

8. what is ur opinion when girls fanning a football game? 

- SEXY..haha bcoz i'm one of them!

9. does my questions are easy to answer? 

- seriously, wanie makes some effort next time la..haha

10. do u think imma a good person? 

- LOL the same thing as my 11. statement up there. haha..memang kite geng serupa tapi xsama ar babe! haha...geng pasan nk mati!  XD

11. wanie, you've forgot the Q no.11! mamai la tuh..memang hang ni delay lar..! hahaha

the 11 questionnaires from SizzlingSuzai that you need to answer!^^
its up to you to answer in any languages, as long as i could understand it, ok! haha

  1. what is your real name in the I.C?! with the bapak name also harr..
  2. what is the worst movie that you've spent at the cinema?
  3. will you be a penguin?because? ("~.~)
  4. did you cheated on someone yesterday?
  5. what is your current fav song? haha..bcoz i wanna add in my own playlist..haha
  6. are you a fan of my baby, Mr. Bruno Mars?! haha..i'll kill the hater!!  XP
  7. do you think you are SEXY? haha
  8. what is the thing that you are really good at?
  9. where is the place that you're dying to go?
  10. what is your body's temperature?
  11. do you think i'm crazy? (,")

lastly, the 11 LUCKIEST BLOGGERS on the earth!
haiyooo..its too many lor. hope you guys don't mind harr...  =(

  1. Mr. Azham Vosovic from
  2. Yana buchuk from
  3. Zulaiha from
  4. Narsha from
  5. Budakais from
  6. Nana Eddy from
  7. Jameela from
  8. Maera khumaera from
  9. Ichabella Dermawan from
  10. Laila Majid from
  11. to anybody who is not in the list but dying to do this. u r most welcome dear.... ^^

OK..I'VE DONE!! was seriously a long-trail tagging thing. haha..GOOD LUCK to all the luckiest people that i've tagged up there. you are most welcome to do it and do please, GIVE ME THE LINK OF YOUR POST yarr. yup, i wanna read it coz i wanna know a bit about you guys too. =))

THANKS larr Cik Wanie for making me working so hard till 2a.m! haha...ok, NIGHT people and thanks a lot for all the love and the following! ^^


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  1. hahahaha no ques no.11???totally delay ahhahahaha

  2. KO MEMANG!! MEMANG DELAY TERAMAT!! XD hahahhaha..tu la asek ingt KPOP jerr!! haha

  3. haha..its ok maera, klu rjin n de mse wat la ek..xd xp la..hehe

  4. haha..its ok maera, klu rjin n de mse wat la ek..xd xp la..hehe

  5. woww.... i will ans soooon... will... soon.... its ok kan.. :D

  6. whootttt, u r tagging me?? remember i gave u the "lieber award" n u havent posted it yet!! -_____-"

    n your questions? maannnn, they're susah sangat laahhh.. especially no.10, wht does it mean Suzai? n no.1, should I reveal my real name?? :0

    eniwei, it's supposed to be "Ichabella Darmawan" not "Dermawan", Suzai.. lol~~

    sory for the long comment! :D

  7. cik kak dah siap! tengok na... u did it in like what? 1 hour? i took almost three hours to finish this.. huhuhuhu.. ini torture nama nya.. but still did it..saya bangga dengan diri saya.. hahahahaah.. thanks darling... muah muah!

  8. fathiyah-->its ok la..klu free n rjin proceed la..hihi rsnyer xd due date pon..bnde ni sesaje je kot!! =))

  9. zulaiha-->haha..yup its up to u dear nk wat ke x ok.. =))

  10. jameela-->waahhhh wahhhh so fast harr..ok tq dear..i check it rite now!! =))

  11. adik suzai sayang... ecececeh.. adik tau.... tua tak tua sangatlah... hahahahaha.. hakak tak kesah pun.. nak pangil ape pun.. uhui.... u want to be me fren... huhuhuhu... terharu....

  12. aaaaaaaakkk, Suzai tengkyuuu for tagging me! inshaAllah i ll do it, but u hv to b patient, key?? lol

    but, errr, question no.1: should I reveal my real name? :o
    n wht's the meaning of question no.10? :p


  13. akk jameela-->hehehhee...akk pon akk la ek..haha no hal lah.lets b a real friend ok =))

  14. icha-->HAHHAHA..yup i noticed ur full name--> ICHABELLA DERMAWAN..rite?!! ^^ hehehe..n the 10 Q is just for fun lor..its up to u to answer it in any form..haha whether it is serious or hillarious dear.. =)) tq 4 taking this in consideration dear..hihi good luck!

  15. Done !

    ambik masa lebih kurang 3 ke 4 hari nak siapkan.hahahahhah

    thanks tag i ;)

  16. done it!!

  17. A bit late but I manage to do this (Finally)

  18. gurls THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH 4 atleast doing it lor. hehe..i was also being atgged by babe i knew hw hard to settle thing thing! HEHE ^^


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