Look #1 - Instant Glamorous Chic!

#1 Chiara Ferragni via Lookbook

#2 Zinah from www.zinahns.com

#3 Jessica Stein via Lookbook

#4 Andy Torres via Lookbook

#5 Jessica Stein via Lookbook

#6 Jessica Stein via Lookbook

yup, it is coming...

ladies, honestly i'm so enthusiastic to ramble upon this topic, "How to get the glamorous style without spending toooo much!". why does the spending part sounds a bit exaggerated?! haha..it is due to the fact that we are still students and we don't afford Valentino! ^^

hmmm....actually i wanna share my narrow knowledge with my babes since we will be gathering for the 'final-meeting-before-we-depart-from-each-other Dinner' on this coming Thursday and the theme is G.L.A.M.O.U.R!

once they get to know it, they were in miserable on what to wear, what to buy, how to look instant glamour with no-money-left-in-the-bank and so on and so forth. so, here i am trying my best based on my monthly subscribing the CLEO mag, loyally viewing the countless fashion pages and blogs and also my nature point of view. haha..hopefully all of these can be accepted to certify me in giving a fashion advice! XD

hence, this is the first part which showcasing the INSTANT way to look glamour. try to find the familiarity in those gorgeous look. ok, let me just reveal the answer which is sequinned items! be it the top, bottom or just an accessory on the hand.

as in the PREVIOUS POST where one of the tips is the Bling! Bling! items, right? yup, it is talking about the luxurious jewelry but personally, i consider the same Bling! Bling! effect on this sequinned garments. seriously, look at the look #2 and #3 when the fashionista are just keeping everything simple except holding on to a sequinned clutch. than, ta-da they were ready to attend a glamorous party. haha..i just noticed that those clutch are the exactly the same LOL.

in fact, scroll up to my fashion idol, Andy Torres on look #4 and also look #6 where they were simply wore the sequinned skirt and pants and kept everything very-the basic, a plain and boring top! huhu..but wallahhh they were successfully executing the glam look. love it damn much!

however, i knew that few of us is having a sequinned item in the wardrobe. haha..not to worry babes, as i've prepared the next category that won't need any Bling! Bling! stuff but still will resulted the glamorous effect!

by the way, all of the views and opinions here are personally based on my reading and observation. hehe..so, if there anything to be corrected or added, don't hesitate to tell me yarrr.. ^^ then, c ya on the next coming post!!

*** beautiful photo are not mine, they are credited to the owner as stated above ***


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  1. still xtaw nk pakai ape nih..huhu...

  2. huhu..try to read on my blog, looking at those look being attached and maybe u'll get d idea dear.. =}


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