i LOVE the dress, yellow and them!

Salam Sunday..dear readers, i was away for the past 3 days and i'm back with lot of stories to be update. as for starter let me share these awesome photos of me, my mom and my sister at our cousin's wedding on the last week. it was actually like a door gift where you can photographed yourself, printed it and bring it back home. lovely!

well, honestly i wanna show my full look of the dress as i promised you in the previous post. besides the fact that i LOVE the color, the design and the blacky lace detailed on it. yup, it was designed by me and i'm fully satisfied with the tailor's job..it is perfectly comfortable and beautiful! ^^

btw, to view this beautiful wedding, do please check it in HERE.

OK then, i need to ZZzzzzz as i'm actually just came back from a long journey. it is quite exhausted now..bye-bye see ya again tonight..hehe

*** awesome photos are credited to creativeimage ***


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  1. meriahnya kenduri tu... huhuhu

    pasangan pengantin pon sepadan hehehe

  2. thanks guys for loving my bju kurung kuning ini n the amazing wedding!! =)


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