our amazing visit to Singapore!

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haha..obviously its not Singapore lor, it just me dreaming off at the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. specifically called as the Star Hill or best known as BB (Bukit Bintang). haha..i'd say i feel so boast whenever i visited the place. it was suddenly a different environment, an urban city which is i LOVE it! ^^

let me explain why did i love this kind of place, the urban city! its weird though because i love the fact that it is busy, hectic with people passing by, the noise from everywhere, the architecturally concrete buildings, and etc etc. so, i don't feel that i am all alone living in this world! haha..well, actually i love the luxurious life of it besides the reason that i am so interested looking at the bunch of fashionable people. seriously, you won't see any 'dressed up' people at the pasar, the museum, the zoo or other boring places, right?! XD haha..i don't know how to describe it but seriously, at that place everyone is looking so great from head to toe!

so, this post is actually dedicated to the outsiders especially the one who planning to visit Malaysia. this would the best place to shop. you can find variety of shopping mall which are located near to each other and plus with the big range of pricing.

yup, no worry if you are not the 'branded' shoplifter, DO NOT MAKE YOUR WAY into the Pavilion! haha..thus, you are mostly invited to the much-smaller-but-comes-with-the-huge-choices mall the Fahrenheit 88, Lot 10, Times Square, or BB Plaza. i'd say they sell local items, unbranded and cheap stuff but still comes with the good quality. ;)

nevertheless, talking about our 'Y.E.S Mission' to the Pavilion. it was packed with people on Saturday since the Y.E.S is still going on, i guess all the shoplifters taking this opportunity to grab the expensive items that was sold at affordable pricing. haha..honestly, that people is us! i was successfully got myself the F21 pants, 1 ALDO and some tops. haha.. its right that shopping is always heaven as long as you've got the RM!  ("~,~)

OK then, i just wanna share the limited photo here because Miss Syafiqah is totally UNINTERESTED in taking me posing at the crowded place. so, i have to force her to do it everytime we hanging out together and here there are the ONLY 3 photo of me..huh! :D

btw, THANKS A LOT FOR visiting, reading, commenting and following! ^^


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  1. haha..yup, ive read ur previous post! so i think d next time u go there, let me know n then,u should buy me a drink la dear..hehe =))

  2. i luv to attend grand wedding ceremony, but i rarely have that chance..hmm..~

  3. yes! Pavilion KL!

    My favorite shopping place haha!

  4. sal ijou-->hmm...what if u makes ur own wedd as grand as wut u want dear..so that i cn also b there n cherish the moment..hehe =))

  5. yup fact of u azham...pavi fav place die..CHECKED! haha

  6. yup fact of u azham...pavi fav place die..CHECKED! haha


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