Look #4 - Mastering Mix 'n Match

#1 Delmy Rivera via Lookbook

# 2 Eleonora Carisi via Lookbook

#3 Flávia Desgranges van der Linden via Lookbook

sequencing post from the  Look #3 - Urban City Chic!

this post is the final S.O.S, the one that you'll desperately need to pick when you don't have the time to shop! we called it as the last minute solution. honestly, all of these beautiful look here are not really resembling glamorous but hey, make it work (as in Tim Gunn's way~) haha..

well, actually the look #1, #2 and #3 are the extension from the previous 'Mesmerizing Maxi Dress' post but if you noticed this 3 looks here are the combination of the maxi dress and the blazer/outerwear. this combo is the prominent selection for the Hijabi like me when i'm only having a sleeveless maxi dress! huhu..you know what i'm trying to say, right? yup, we need to cover the aurah as in we need to cover the sleeve part by wearing other garments. my mom always force me to wear an inner inside my sleeveless dress but its totally not me! huhu..i'm freaking hate it and i rather increase up my body's temperature by choosing to cover the whole upper part with cardii, blazer or jacket.... =]

hence, it is more stylish and innovative though. undoubtedly, Look #2 and #3 are showing us the elegant and sophisticated modern lady who are ready to walk into a GLAM dinner. seriously, they are really fabulous even without the Bling! Bling! effect! hahaha..sometimes, the less is better!

#4 Andy Torres via Lookbook

#5 Jessica Stein via Lookbook

#6 Charlotte Rouge via Lookbook

#7 Nrlya Jolie via Lookbook

#8 Aisyah Amin via Lookbook

remember i said that, this final Look #4 does not really into the glamorous mode but more on the party mode despite it is formal/informal. it is really an obvious mix 'n match here when my idol, Andy Torres (Look #4) is rocking up her maxi skirt with a leather jacket when attending a fashion week event long ago. it is sweet but strong. haha..babes, just switch the bag with a clutch! same goes with look #7, right?! ^^

next is the #5 and #6 look which are looking a bit casual but hey, they are my favourite! huhu..their skirt are just soooooo amazingly stunning! can i know where you girls get it, huh?! i think both of them are ready to Glam the look by just adding some gold/silver accessories to it...then, they're completely done!

now, the last one is another perfect look by the fashionable Aisyah Amin. i don't know if i'm so deeply in love with this look because of the yellow color there or the fact that it is abruptly beautiful. haha..the reason why i'm easily attracting to that bright hue is because Yellow is my fav color! haha..so, i guess it is one of the reason~

OK ladies, in the end i'm successfully complete this 'How To Look Glam' assignment that has being assigned by myself. haha..sadly, nobody ask me to do it since i'm volunteering myself seeking all the awesome look in my Lookbook profile! haha..i guess i'm working so hard when it comes to post about fashion...

TQ so much for the one who constantly read this SAGA POST of total 4 posts! i hope all the articles are inspiring you or atlast giving you the view on  'How To Look Glam' when you are acquiring to dress as such theme. hehe...the last word should be GOOD LUCK babes! =)

*** beautiful photos are not mine, they are credited to the owner as stated above ***


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  1. yg andy torres tu sgt gojes baju nyer..huhu

  2. huhu..g r usha kat page tuh lookbook.nu..seriously sume look die sgt sgt gorgeous!! ^^


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