Suzai & Syed [20.11.2011] - Me and my friends!

Title : Congrates and Adik Sayang Along! hahaha.. *blushing*

continuing the FIRST PART with the photo of myself with the friends that i knew since my childhood till today. now, the very first up here is the beautiful photo capturing the bride, me and the stunning pelamin (chamber?). yup, we are only 2 siblings, me and my sister. full stop!

thus, honestly i'm kind of emo during the whole ceremony since my sister is now fully belong to her husband and i'm fully left alone! huhu...seriously, i am not really interested to establish my bad feeling here as i hate to talk about the unhappiness things in my blog. so, forget about the sad-sad one, JUST LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE LIMIT! ^^

now, let me introduce some of the people...hehe

initially, here are my very bestfriends. the first one named as Nurul Afiqah Maulud, we knew each other since standard one and both of our family are also very close. however, we've been separated by the time and the uninviting condition. it was when my family had to move to Kajang from Kepong, K.L but still we're good bestie, friend is forever, right?! hehe..tq Nurul and family for coming yarr..  ^^

next will be the makcek who you can see in my previous-previous post. her name is Nur Atiqah Suhaimi and we've became a good buddy since form one where we're living at the same hostel for 5 years. although we're not really spending the time together now, we're still contacting each other and yup, we're still a bestfriend. tq Cik Atie as knowing you is the best thing happen in my life... ^^ the last one is not a bestie/babe/bf or even a friend as she is my cousin lor. why does her pic is being posted here?hahahha..because she requested me to paste her pic in my blog here. hahahha..kak Ina kantoi jer...  XD

the only image that showing my whole outfit beautifully although Miss Yana is shaking on the side! hahaha..sorry la yunk... XD

haha..the handsome mat saleh guy there is named as Phillipe and he is actually my sister's friend. now, why he is related to me? it is because we knew each other since he had once stayed in our home just like a short homestay. but the main reason of his photo here is actually....guys, IT IS WASTE TO IGNORE A HANDSOME GUY LOL~ hahaha  XD

then, there is me and my schoolmate, Ms Alaina Shofni and her cute newborn baby. she is married and already had 2 sons whilst for me, I AM STILL SINGLE AND AVAILABLE LOL~ hahhaha..its all about time and condition, right? aik?! hahahha..whatever~

next will be me and one of my ex-roommate in IIUM, Miss Noorhalilah who is going to marry with her fiancee on this coming February. woohhhh...everybody around me is moving so fast lor. hahahha...congrates Lala and i always pray for your happiness dear..insyAllah..  ^^

harr..the last pic is one of my classmate who is also a BLOGGER! hehe..yup almost of all my friends is a blogger but we are just the ordinary one, the one that SUKA-SUKA doing for fun larr. hehe..btw, she is Miss Illiana and she blogs at ~HOME SWEET HOME~ lets go and visit her's ok! =)

now, all of the pretty girls up here were already being introduced in my previous-previous post. they are my incredible classmates who willing to spend their Sunday for my sister's wedding. tq soooooooooooo much Piqah, Wanie-chan, Meni, Yana, Baiyah and her hubby and of course including two of the shy-shy-cat guys who are not in the pic, Mr. Ridhuan and Mr. Kuduo. hahaha..thanks for the great time!

then, BYE-BYE for now and I'M SO SORRY FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT BEING PUBLISHED IN just that i have chose my best pic only! obviously... ("~,~)

haha..anyhow, i'm so tired of the stomach pain for the whole today and i wish for a good sleep now. ya'll...ZZzzzz

*** images are credited to SizzlingSuzai ***


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  2. nasha-->tq dear..huhu but i think purple is still not d best colour for me..hahaha

  3. I LOVE what your wearing honeslty loveeee it ! its soo casual you can wear it anywhere :) hehe

  4. flower13-->did u meant the jeans n jacket?! hehe or this traditional wear..haha neway tq sooooooooooooo much for loving it dear =)))


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