Look #3 - Urban City Chic!

#1 Aisyah Amin via Lookbook  HYPED 100++ ^^

#2 Andy Torres via Lookbook

#3 Nuraina Aidh via Lookbook

#4 Nadya Abd via Lookbook

continuing the previous post of the Look #2....Mesmerizing Maxi Dress

Oh, its look like i'm desperately updating in here. haha..yup, its true since i'm planning of turning ON the HIATUS MODE very soon.......no worry, not till i done with some stories that i've already prepared in my draft box! hehe.. i'm still enthusiastic although the workload was already loaded in here. =]

without further a due, let me ramble on the Look #3 which is the outerwear that resembles edginess compare to the flowy dresses. frankly, i'm focusing on the sophisticated blazer which i personally feel that it is one of the item that can transform a casual wear to a glamorous one but WITH SOME HELP. hehe..remember the theme: Looking Glam!

the HELP kid can be the accessories, the elegant clutch or the signature bag (may do~) as well as the killer shoes. otherwise, i think it will wrongly translated the look into a sophisticated-formal-office wear! 

thus, i'm sure you are adoring the 1st look by the fabulous Aisyah Amin. it is not exaggerated if i said that her look there is PERFECT! everything is on its place, the amazing colour combo, the measurement of the pants & the crop top are perfect on her and the simple accessories that completed the look. huhu..seriously, Aisyah this is my most favourite one! =) so, i don't know what other people think about it but i guess this look is delicately fit for our coming dinner's theme! oh, although there is no Bling! Bling! effect on it...hahaha

then, the look #3 and #4 are more relax which specially dedicated to anybody who chose to play safe but still wanna look appealing. especially the Look #3 where she just wore the ordinary scarf and even NO HIGH HEELS! i'm not really sure here but i think that she has proved me wrong when i said that in order to look GLAM, you're compulsory need a killer heels....thats maybe an extra..  *blushing* 

anyhow, i'd say that this kind of glamorous style is really me!! i don't know what is the logicable reason but i'd say that i'm a femininely masculine..whatever~ hahahha =D

anyway, all of the views and opinions here are personally based on my reading and observation. hehe..so, if there anything to be corrected or added, don't hesitate to tell me yarrr.. ^^ then, c ya on the next coming post...THE LAST ONE!!

*** beautiful photos are not mine, they are credited to the owner as stated above ***

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  1. soo inspiring, I love the way you get dressed and how you mix up the different fabrics and cuts together, keep it up !!!

  2. Thanks for featuring me, :D


  3. tq 4 loving it..m.peacock =) really appreaciate it!

  4. ur most welcome aina..tq 4 given us such a beautiful look! =))


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