Suzai & Syed [20.11.2011] - The Bride & The Groom


it was a big day for my sister and my brother-in-law when they tied their 8 years relationship to an official one. first i should again and again CONGRATULATE them for this final happy ending, and i'm always wishing they will live happily ever after..amin..

whilst, this beautiful location was at the Taman Bukit Mewah and it was selected by my mom for the last minute. on that fine day, this big hall was crowded with people that i knew since my childhood till now. it was a huge event, it was havoc and it was so memorable!

now, do enjoy the photo that i have successfully captured by myself by using the super power NIKON of Tengku Nur Amni Tengku Shahbuddin, thanks a lot babe. love yarr ^^ 

for those who are not a Malaysian this is like a sharing-is-caring to you guys coz i'm always feel so proud to share our custom and tradition. actually, it started with the akad nikah solemnization at the mosque (marriage vows). after that, there will be a ceremony where people come and celebrate the bride & the groom, gathering all the long-lost friends and relatives as well as it is also the time to announce that the couple had successfully tied their official knot together. hemmm...this is really a simple explaination lor~ =}

haha..however, as usual when there are lot of pictures in the folder and i'm kind of confuse on what should i post and what should not i. this thing will happen, it will be separated into 2 parts!, do please wait for the 2nd part of this memorable wedding of my ONLY sister.

last word, ADIK SAYANG ALONG! ^^

*** photo are credited to SizzlingSuzai & Tengku Nur Amni ***

will be continued...

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